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07 December, 2023

Chinese Update

Chinese Update | BSB Sanlitun-Chinese Update-CHN-weblink

Nursery and Reception students enjoyed a fabulous time learning about and celebrating Christmas. We sang the song ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ in Chinese. We also built a Christmas tree with Legos. 


Chinese Update | BSB Sanlitun-Chinese Update

Year 1 Non-Native group learned about fruits. They had lots of fun practising vocabulary and sentences through a variety of activities. We arranged fruits and characters on the tables. The children made Chinese strokes with playdough and with their own bodies.   

Chinese Update | BSB Sanlitun-Chinese Update

Year 4 and Year 5 students wrote their own books by using a story framework we learned. They enjoyed sitting on the carpet to share their books and answered the questions from the other students about the book they made on their own. 



By Kate Du

Chinese Teacher