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14 December, 2023

German Update

German Update | BSB Sanlitun - German Update

Everybody loves winter, right? There are so many learning activities can be completed around winter and snow. And having real snow outside the window only helps to feel the atmosphere.

German Update | BSB Sanlitun - German Update

German Update | BSB Sanlitun - German Update

KS1 children on the German Programme enjoyed learning the winter vocabulary and writing their cards and letters to Santa and the Snowman. They showed great learning about the structure of a letter.


Das Buchstabenheft

One of the main tasks in Year 1 is the introduction of sounds and letters. Each new letter must be viewed and practised from different sides: visually, acoustically, motorically. That’s why we practise in different ways, e.g., a story from the Letterbox, a song, a game. At the end of the introduction to letters, the children are always encouraged to create an entry in their letter book.

In this entry, the children can show everything they have learnt: write the letter shape neatly on the lines, think about and write some words they already know with this letter, find the position of the sound in the word, solve a letter puzzle. 

German Update | BSB Sanlitun - German Update

Also reading is very important. We always practise every sound that we learned, in writing and in reading. We read different syllables and simple words and sentences. Now the children can already read and write short words and sentences. I am very proud of the children. 



By Valeria Song

Head of German