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18 January, 2024

Dodge Ball Unit

Dodge Ball Unit | BSB Sanlitun - Dodge Ball Unit

This week the children have been practising different dodge ball techniques of dodging, throwing and catching. Dodge ball is one of the most popular units in the school’s teaching curriculum. In this unit, children are encouraged to be brave and be competitive.

We first started off with the practice of throwing by putting different players in one team and letting them throw the ball to each other. It is apparent that most of the children have a natural interest in shooting with a target and all they need to know is when they play in a real game, they need to throw straight and fast.

Dodge Ball Unit | BSB Sanlitun - Dodge Ball Unit


Then we put everybody into 2 different teams to make an attacking team and a defensive team. The attacking team need to throw the ball together to hit players in the defensive team while the defensive team need to either block the ball or dodge the ball - with this practice, the children become more brave and they don’t fear the balls any more.

Finally, for the dodging practice, the teacher throws the ball to the students, and they must dodge it. This was the most difficult part of the unit because for some of them, it was a bit hard to make the right move to dodge; but with proper encouragement all of them made a great progress.

Dodge Ball Unit | BSB Sanlitun - Dodge Ball Unit


In my opinion, dodge ball is one of the best sports for children in primary school because it is safe and fun and children can improve their strengths and speed while playing and all of them can achieve a notable result.



By Frank Han

PE Teacher