28 February, 2023

AIMS Athletics in Primary

AIMS Athletics in Primary
AIMS Athletics in Primary
On Friday 17th February, after three long years, AIMS Primary Athletics finally returned! Our BSKL Lions spent weeks preparing for the big competition, practising their throws, runs and jumps during both after-school and lunchtime training sessions. They were raring to go, ready to compete at the highest level and proud to be representing BSKL.
The event was held at Alice Smith International School with 8 other schools vying for the trophy. It was a long, hot day, and our 40 Lions gave it absolutely everything they had. We saw some tremendous performances throughout the competition - illustrated by the fact we medalled in every event! - but it was the determination, spirit and effort of our pupils that truly impressed us.

Well done to all our Lions who competed! 


Standing Triple Jump/3 Springs
Angel N - Silver
Melissa T - Bronze
Yeri S - Silver

Long Jump
Iman N - Gold
Ahmed B - Bronze
Khai Zher - Bronze
Tom T - Bronze

High Jump
Angel N - Bronze
Sienna - Silver
Hayley N - Silver
Faris - Silver

Shot Put
Sienna - Silver
Ahmed B - Silver

Sienna - Gold
Tolani O - Silver
Khai Zher - Bronze
Pearl - Bronze
Axel - Bronze

Adam H - Gold
Poorvana - Bronze
Pearl - Gold

Angel N - Bronze
Tom T - Silver

Tom T - Bronze
Cayla C - Silver

Tom T - Bronze
Garance D - Silver

Leonie Y - Bronze
Garance D - Silver
Megan L - Gold
Ethan H - Bronze
Faris - Bronze

4x100m Relay
U11 Girls A - Bronze (Megan, Garance, Cayla, Yeri)
U11 Boys A - Silver (Axel, Faris, Quinton, Ryuki)