07 April, 2023

Juilliard Visitor and SIPs Instrumental Concert

Juilliard - SIPs
Juilliard Visitor and SIPs Instrumental Concert
It's been a wonderfully musical couple of weeks at BSKL with instrumental concerts galore and a visit from our Juilliard Curriculum Specialist Mr Stephen Dunn. 

Stephen visited our school for the first time in person and got to work with wonderful students in lessons, orchestra rehearsals and he also took a brass masterclass for our orchestral brass students.  He said BSKL is the most musical school he has ever visited and he was very impressed by the skills of our students both in and out of lessons. 

Last week we had an instrumental concert where the students of the individual instrumental lessons played and this week it was the turn of our SIPs team and the curriculum instrumentalists.  Both concerts were of amazing quality and the talents and hard work of all the students shone through.  We are really proud of everyone that took part. 

Recent assemblies have seen the orchestra and the choir perform and we are currently gearing up to take some of our secondary students on a trip to ISKL to receive some tuition in Jazz from Berklee graduates.  Never a dull moment in the music department.

Hope to see you at a concert soon,

Ms Rachael Howarth