18 May, 2023

Journey to Preferred University: Alisha

Journey to Preferred University: Alisha
BSKL's Class of 2023 talks about their journey to their preferred university. We at BSKL couldn't be more proud of each and every one of their achievements. This week, Alisha speaks about her experience.
I am pursuing Chemical Engineering and I was offered places for my course at Manchester, Nottingham, UCL and Imperial. I selected my universities mainly based on their overall ranking, and I've always wanted to study in London. Therefore I selected Imperial and UCL as my firm and insurance choices respectively. I selected Imperial as my first choice due to their excellent Chemical Engineering department and their global reputation as a top school for engineering and science. I was also fortunate to have paid a visit to the campus in October of 2022 and was greatly impressed by their exceptional facilities. 

I decided to study Chemical Engineering because I've enjoyed Chemistry and Physics at A Level and I wanted to pursue a course that embodies these two subjects. BSKL has also helped influence my decision through the science research projects assigned to students after their AS exams in Year 12. These projects are incredibly beneficial to students, as it grants them the opportunity to take a step outside the school textbook and explore the infinite possibilities within industry and scientific research. Chemical Engineering is heavily involved in multiple fields and industries, namely oil and gas, renewable energy and the pharmaceutical industry and I've grown interested in the role Chemical Engineers play in the pharmaceutical industry after undergoing my Year 12 research project for Biology on the COVID-19 vaccine and possible alternate methods of administration of vaccines.

My parents are both engineers and own a company where they design and manufacture guitar amplifiers by hand. I’ve always admired their work and I’ve always had the idea of becoming an engineer in the future ever since I was little. They also instilled the importance and appreciation of science and mathematics within me ever since I was young, their influence has led me to my decision today. 

My teachers at BSKL have given me their utmost support during my application process and were always happy to extend a helping hand. Our university counsellor helped to review and critique my personal statement, offering valuable criticism. My subject teachers also organised mock interviews which helped me prepare for the style of questioning and practice working under pressure. 

My advice to the future graduates of BSKL would be to make use of every opportunity offered here at BSKL. I highly advise applying for leadership positions such as House President, Sixth Form Prefect or Head Student. Being a Prefect at BSKL has helped me develop my leadership, team-working and communication skills greatly, which are all key qualities you will need to succeed at university. My second piece of advice would be to use your resources to your advantage. This includes asking your teachers for help whenever you need it. Having multiple of my subject teachers give me feedback on my personal statement and organise mock interviews with me greatly helped my application process and increased my confidence with the interview. Your teachers are always there to help you – don’t be afraid to ask!