26 May, 2023

BSKL success in MIT-NAE Student STEAM Competition 2023

BSKL success in MIT-NAE Student STEAM Competition 2023
Students at BSKL recently had an opportunity to enter the first MIT-NAE Student STEAM competition since the global pandemic and win a trip to the world renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The students were set the challenge to 'Hack the Tube' - a challenge based on a tradition at MIT. When students receive their acceptance letters to MIT they 'hack' the paper tube the letter is delivered in. Students were set the task of 'hacking' their tube so it moved and to prepare a short video showing the thought process and making of their hack.

This was a global competition open to students at all Nord Anglia Education schools across the world. We received 6 entries initially to be judged internally and from this two students were selected to go through to the final judging stage. 

I am delighted to announce that Hugo Fiamma in Year 9 was chosen by the judges to be one of a  select group of students to attend the MIT-NAE trip in October this year. We are absolutely delighted for Hugo and this promises to be a fantastic experience for him. A special mention should also go to Xing Ning Tan, also in Year 9, who received a special mention from the judges for her excellent submission.

I would also like to take the opportunity to say well done to Thomas Park, Harshant Sing Brar, Anishka Nambiar and Darren Cheah for their wonderful entries. 

We look forward to building on this wonderful collaboration with MIT next year.