12 May, 2023

Jazz Festival at ISKL

Jazz Festival at ISKL - Jazz Festival at ISKL
Jazz Festival at ISKL
On May 5th 35 students from BSKL travelled across the city to ISKL to take part in the first AIMS jazz day.   

On arrival our students joined forces with other students from schools across Malaysia to create a huge swing band.  Swing band rehearsals were followed by smaller combo workshops where our students learned some improvisation skills with accomplished professional musicians from across South East Asia.   Students were inspired not only by their skills but by their personal stories of where their musical careers have taken them. One of the workshop leaders was Rie Tsuji an amazing pianist who played for Beyonce’s tour band for over 10 years.  It was great for our students to gain a glimpse into the professional music industry.  

The day concluded with a small informal concert with the small combo groups performing to each other and everyone showing off their newfound improvisation skills, then a final combined swing band performance.  It was a fantastic day for all involved.  We can’t wait to take part again next year.