28 June, 2023

Journey to Preferred University: Eunseo

Journey to Preferred University - Journey to Preferred University
Journey to Preferred University: Eunseo
This week, Eunseo speaks on her experience towards her preferred university. 

I received offers from Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University, UCL, KCL, University of Edinburgh, University of Hong Kong, and other excellent universities. I chose to pursue Biological Sciences at Seoul National University. The main reason why I have decided to study at Seoul National University is that I am from South Korea. Attending a university in my home country requires relatively little preparation–obtaining VISA and searching for accommodations–than traveling abroad. Not requiring such procedures acts as a huge merit. Further, a professor I admire teaches Biological Sciences at Seoul National University. If given the opportunity, I wish to participate in experiments related to stem cell therapy in his lab. 


Both of my parents did not influence my decision, as they were always supportive of the choice I made. However, wanting to live with them contributed to my decision to study at Seoul National University.  


I believe that the IGCSE course has helped me decide on which major to study at university. Before IGCSE, I only had vague ideas of what to do in the future. For example, I once dreamt of becoming a lawyer and a dentist but had no strong motivations. In IGCSE, I had the opportunity to explore numerous different subjects ranging from English Literature to Further Maths. Because IGCSE consisted of a vast spectrum of subjects, I could track down and recognise the ones I truly enjoyed learning. In my case, it was biology and chemistry.  


At BSKL in year 12, students are given the option to take EPQ. The EPQ course provided by BSKL played a vital role in choosing and solidifying my decision to study Biological Sciences. I carried out a research project on: 'Can Animal Testing be Justified when Testing for Human Medicine?' While researching alternatives to animal testing, I discovered that stem cells possess the potential to replace animal experimentation. This ignited an interest and led to further reading on stem cells. It strengthened my decision to study Biological Sciences as I wish to explore the full capability of stem cell therapy. In addition, BSKL consists of large numbers of extracurricular activities such as STEAM and Eco-lions. These activities are great methods to uncover one's field of interest.  


I advise future BSKL graduates to utilise IGCSE to discover what they sincerely enjoy studying. Then via A-Level, recognise a specific topic or an area they wish to focus on in the future.