07 September, 2023

Excellent IGCSE Results Highlight a Proven Record of Achievement

Excellent IGCSE Results Highlight a Proven Record of Achievement - Excellent IGCSE Results Highlight a Proven Record of Achievement
Excellent IGCSE Results Highlight a Proven Record of Achievement
Another set of excellent IGCSE results demonstrate the strength of our students and the strong position of BSKL in the world.

Once again, 100% of BSKL students earned 5 IGCSE grades, including Mathematics and English, with marks of A*-C (or equivalent).

More impressively, 75% of grades in 2023 were awarded as A* or A (or equivalent). These results are nearly 30 percentage points higher than independent schools in the UK (46.6%). These results once again put BSKL in contention for the highest IGCSE grades within Nord Anglia, an award the school has won for an impressive three consecutive years.

“At BSKL we make three core promises to our community, Dr Mike O’Connor explained.

The first is that students will learn within a culture of happiness that fuels their success. Secondly, we will equip our students with all they need to create their future, whatever they choose that to be. Finally, we will relentlessly pursue and consistently deliver our proven record of achievement. The IGCSE results from 2023 prove once again that our students are among the most dedicated and talented in the world. Our staff are proud of the application they display and consider teaching them to be a privilege. Well done to the 2023 cohort for once again ensuring that BSKL is delivering the highest standards of achievement for our community”.

Amongst BSKL students, 25% earned straight A* or A (or equivalent) across all their IGCSE courses.

Our Mathematics and English subject results also stand out with impressive percentages of grades being at the top mark A* or equivalent. In Mathematics 85% of grades were an A* or A (or equivalent) and 46% of Further Mathematics grades were A* or equivalent. Furthermore, In English, 61% of grades awarded were an A* or A (or equivalent).

Much like the A-level exams, the IGCSE examination boards adjusted the grade boundaries in 2023 to be more in line with the boundaries from 2019. The adjustment is part of a global effort to calibrate assessments after the pandemic impacted in-person exams and grading procedures.

Dr Brown, Head of Secondary, said: “When I think of the BSKL 2023 IGCSE cohort what comes to mind is how balanced they all were. These students were the very definition of well-rounded. The wonderful exam results are an important marker for them, but we had seen many triumphs along the way that were not related to their academic achievements at all. We are proud of our holistic provision here at BSKL, and the 2023 IGCSE cohort demonstrates the value of an educational experience that is non-selective and supportive of individual needs and talents. We wish the students every success in their future endeavour's.

The BSKL Class of 2025 now look to continue their academic success at A-levels in preparation for studying at university.

A number of university representatives are scheduled to visit BSKL throughout the year to help our Year 12 and Year 13 students narrow their choices.

The University of Cambridge hosted a session already. On September 6, more than 40 business colleges from the US visited BSKL. A group of UK universities will visit at the end of September.