03 November, 2023

Connections Updates

Connections Updates
Our Connections programme for this half-term was launched with a talk led by WWF Malaysia and representatives from FRIM. Students learnt about biodiversity within Malaysia and the need for conservation. The focus on species local to them had students buzzing with excitement, and reflected our focus on a Service Learning approach that connects students to local contexts.

For the past two weeks, students have activated their knowledge about their given topic – from how energy efficient we are as a school, to what policies could be applied at a national level to reach “Net Zero”.

Our next phase of learning is project-based, with students having the opportunity to collaborate and choose how they want to address the issues they have been researching. Some of the projects thus far include:

developing access to healthcare for Orang Asli communities using technology

using film to advocate for issues around climate change

marketing campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the endangered species in Malaysia

redesigning mobile phone products to include recyclable materials

These projects allow students to develop critical thinking skills, engage with the complexity of the issues surrounding us and to also express their own agency when considering their role as global citizens. This can be seen in the reflections of some of our Sixth Form students below when given the prompts I believe that... and In the world of the future, I hope that...

I believe that every person has the right to an education.

In the world of the future, I hope that everyone has equal opportunities.

In the world of the future, I hope that everyone is given a chance to express themselves.

I believe that every person has the right to clean water.

In the future, I hope that every individual has access to nutrition.

We are proud of how our students across Secondary are interacting with these issues and how engaged they are with wanting to improve the world around them.

Mr Milliner