03 November, 2023

Juilliard Drama Curriculum Specialist Visit - Stephanie Cunningham

Juilliard Drama Curriculum Specialist Visit - Stephanie Cunningham
The Drama department welcomed Stephanie Cunningham this week, our Juilliard Drama Specialist.
It was an absolute joy to be back at BSKL this year. The school's vibrant energy, outstanding teachers, and engaged students make my work here something I always look forward to. This year I had the pleasure of also meeting some of the BSKL parents and sharing with them what makes Juilliard's collaboration with BSKL something truly special.
Stephanie Cunningham
Juilliard Drama Curriculum Specialist

Stephanie hosted a parent workshop with Rachael Howarth, the Juilliard Regional Lead. It was great to see such a good turn-out by parents. Students in Year 9 and Year 5 attended a Juilliard lesson, taught by Stephanie.  She also ran a workshop with some of the Y4 production students on key skills they'll need to make a great show! As part of our ongoing collaboration with Juilliard, the Drama team, Ms Ngwenya and Ms Laragione, participated in training and development. Overall, it was an enjoyable, insightful and reflective experience for all involved.

"Year 4 students also had the opportunity to participate in an engaging acting workshop. During this workshop, they learned how to create 'living pictures' or 'tableaus' using their bodies as props. This unique experience not only enhanced their acting skills, but it also fostered a sense of teamwork and ignited their creative sparks." Ms Ngwenya added.