10 November, 2023

Visit from the University of British Columbia

Visit from the University of British Columbia
The University of British Columbia (UBC) visited BSKL on the 9th of November, where UBC representative, Reuben Su, talked about the prestigious Canadian university and its exciting opportunities.

The presentation took place in the Sixth Form study room after school. Students, from years 10 to 13, and parents learned about the enriching experience of studying in one of Canada’s top-rank universities. Reuben provided a comprehensive overview of UBC’s academic programs, campus life and numerous activities awaiting students, including internships, exchange programs, scholarships etc. Students gained general insights into university life, application processes and the pertinence of pursuing their passions within a global context.

What sets UBC apart is not only its academic excellence, but also its global community, with the university being ranked as the most international university in North America by Times Higher Education. This is particularly beneficial for BSKL as an international school with students hailing from over 60 countries.

After the presentation, there was a Q&A session and one-on-one talks with Reuben. This networking session allowed students to establish connections that may be invaluable as they begin their university applications in the foreseeable future. Parents, too, had the chance to ask questions and gather information to support their children on their educational journey.

A big thank you to UBC and Reuben for taking the time to come to BSKL. It is partnerships like this that enriches BSKL’s educational experiences and align with the school’s commitment to preparing students for a globally interconnected world.

Written by: Moira, Year 13