30 November, 2023

Eco Lions Refill Van

Eco Lions Refiller Van
Eco Lions Refill Van
In response to the growing global concern for environmental sustainability, BSKL Eco Lions have taken a bold step by introducing a refilling station aimed at recycling plastic bottles as well as reducing the carbon footprint associated with shopping trips. 
This initiative empowers the Eco Lions to be making a difference in their community and give people an alternative from consuming more and more plastic that will be sent to landfill or pollute our oceans. 
After one session:
  • 161 of 1L bottles were saved from going to landfill
  • 24 single-used packaging were saved
The positive impact for carbon footprint is massive: We have saved 50km of carbon footprint yesterday.
Watch out for the next date the van will be at BSKL.
Well done BSKL Eco Lions!