19 January, 2024

Watoto Choir and wau bulan

Watoto Choir and wau bulan - Watoto Choir
Watoto Choir and wau bulan
This week, as part of their visit to BSKL, Year 5 invited members of the Watoto Choir into their class to join an art lesson. 

We taught them about a traditional Malaysian art form, Wau Bulan kites. Year 5 have been learning about and making Wau Bulan kites as part of their art lessons and so they worked together with the Watoto Choir to make some kites. It was fantastic to see the students taking the opportunity to make connections and learn about the lives of the Watoto Choir members. There was a great spirit of cooperation as the children all worked together on this traditional Malaysian project.

The Watoto Choir visited BSKL for a exclusive performance on the 17th January 2024.