05 April, 2024

NAE Performing Arts Festival at BSKL

NAE Performing Arts Festival at BSKL - NAE Performing Arts Festival
NAE Performing Arts Festival at BSKL
Five schools collaborated over the course of three days to produce an impressive concert, incorporating elements from all three branches of the performing arts for the Nord Anglia Performing Arts Festival with BSKL as the host last week.

The participating students hailed from various NAE schools across different regions, Northbridge International School Cambodia, Nord Anglia International School Manila, Regents International School Pattaya and British International School Hanoi.


The concert featured a diverse line-up of performances, including a choir, jazz band, orchestra, drama presentation, and dance performance. Throughout the event, students worked closely with their conductors and workshop leaders, dedicating three days to rehearsals and skill-building activities.


In addition to musical rehearsals, students also engaged in team-building exercises facilitated by Camp Beaumont. These activities fostered camaraderie and collaboration among the participants, enhancing their overall experience.


The crowning moment of these collaborative efforts was a stunning concert held on Saturday afternoon. The concert provided an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and hard work, leaving the audience in awe of their collective achievements.