17 May, 2024

Two BSKL students present their work at International Conference for Inclusive Education

Serena and Sofieya at International Conference for Inclusive Education
Two BSKL students present their work at International Conference for Inclusive Education
Serena (Year 11) and Sofieya (Year 7) spoke to 150 participants from around the world at the International Conference for Inclusive Education about their social enterprise which supports education and support for people with autism.

Their presentation, "The Sisters’ Journey of Embracing a Sibling with Autism," earned them a standing ovation and sparked interest in collaborations from international partners. Attendees lauded their narrative as a transformative paradigm shift, finding it deeply inspiring.


In addition to their speaking engagement, their social enterprise sold goods alongside other esteemed autistic entrepreneurs, including Muzzaffar Mart and Ayden Artistry. Two entrepreneurs who the girls have supported in the past. Over the course of the two day conference they raised more than RM2000.


Serena and Sofieya’s work in raising awareness of autism is really inspiring and exemplifies many of BSKL’s student values – including being kind, being ambitious, and being willing to take risks and try new things.


“Here at BSKL, we are extremely proud of Serena and Sofieya and the work they do to raise awareness of autism. Their dedication and generosity have significantly influenced many lives.  It is inspiring to see these young women having such a positive impact on the world,” Dr Nicola Brown said.


Social entrepreneurship is a valuable tool to help students develop personal characteristics like creativity, leadership, and developing positive relationships that are key skills in both personal and academic success.


Serena and Sofieya, credit the education and support they receive at BSKL, especially from Mrs Humphrey for teaching them to look at the positive side of every obstacle. 


Mrs Humphrey responded to the news with “Congratulations, Serena and Sofieya, your dedication to autism awareness education is truly inspiring and we are so proud of what you have achieved.”