Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
03 February, 2021

Generation mask art work by Year 8


Students researched the origins of Synthetic and Analytical Cubism, pioneered by artists George Braques and Pablo Picasso. Through their investigations, they realised that the aesthetic of this art movement is rooted in African Masks. To develop a source for an observational study, each student created their own mask 'sculpture' at home. This took the form of "Found Object Faces" which they then photographed, observed and studied through tonal pencil drawings. The images show each student's research, development, experimentation and on page 3, their final piece. The result - a vibrant collection of Cubist Self portraits!

Eashaan  Y8  Page 1 Eashaan  Y8  Page 2 Eashaan  Y8  P3 copy Cherry Y8  page 1 Cherry Y8  page 3 Cherry  Y8  P2 khin khin  Y8 page 1 khin khin  y8  page 2 Khin Khin  Y8  page 3 Lone Lone  Y8  P3 Lone Lone  Y8  Page 1 Lone Lone  Y8  P2 Claudia y8  page1 Claudia  Y8  P2 Claudia  year 8 page 3