Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
16 September, 2021


girl dancing

Taking inspiration from the British Theatre group DV8, students were asked to create a performance using responses on "what is home". Attached is Year 9 student Khin Kyi Thar Swe (Khin Khin) Physical Theatre performance work, which in her words, "was about what home meant to me with the song “je te laisserai des mots” playing in the background, while my voice expresses and overlays while I dance: presenting the words I say in gestures."


Reflecting further on her creative process and to explain how her choices helped her communicate her intended meaning Khin Khin writes "I communicated this to my audience by using my body to dance in a way which was very open and exaggerated. For certain words, I used gestures which can be compounded together. I used some words and phrases as if they’re near me and pulling them and linking them to me. For example when I said “A place, a person, you want to make memories with”, I acted with my hands as if I’m pulling a rope from each side, when I was pulling the words “place” and “person” to make memories with."


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