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Nord Anglia
15 October, 2021

Year 2A half term

Students drawings

In Year 2 this term we have taken part in a variety of fun activities and experiments, and have created wonderful pieces of work. Our topic this term was Jurassic World and 2A created some fantastic 3D Dinosaur Habitats. We had Dinosaurs living in the North and South Pole and in the Rainforest too! It has been a lot of fun exploring how Dinosaurs lived once upon a time and looking at how the world has changed since then. Class 2A even took it upon themselves to plan and write their own stories from beginning to end that were inspired by ‘Harry and his Dinosaurs’. They sent Harry and his Dinosaurs to Singapore, England, the Zoo, South Korea and many other fantastic places.


In Science we have explored Food Chains, seeing some wonderful Food Chain Dioramas being created in our last week of term. The students in 2A have built some fantastic Apple Volcanoes and conducted different experiments for their STEAM lessons too. In Art we have explored two famous artists - Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet - leading to recreations of famous artwork by the wonderful artists in 2A. Well done 2A!