04 July, 2024

Introducing Zeng Wenjuan

Introducing Zeng Wenjuan - Introducing Zeng Wenjuan
BSY's new Mandarin Teacher
Zeng Wenjuan will be joining BSY this coming August as our new Mandarin teacher.
Hello everyone, my name is Zeng Wenjuan, although I also go by Rebecca. I have been living and teaching in Myanmar for four years and love the country and its people. My colleagues have guided me to wonderful places from the north's countryside to the west's beaches and the south's islands. There are still many exciting places to visit, and I hope to see them soon.

The thought of joining BSY is exciting because of its great reputation and the opportunity to work with professionals from around the world. I look forward to sharing experiences and ideas with them and learning new things. The first few weeks at a new school are always exciting, as we all adapt to new routines and environments.

My inspiration to become a teacher came from two wonderful teachers who made learning enjoyable. With a first degree in English and a master’s in education, I also hold a Level 5 TEFL qualification and QTS from the UK Ministry of Education. I enjoy extracurricular activities like music, crafts, badminton, and table tennis, and I believe in lifelong learning, currently pursuing French and planning a summer course at the Université de la Rochelle in France.