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09 March, 2018

Secondary Weekly Update 09/03/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee

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Secondary Weekly Update 09/03/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee
Secondary Weekly Update 09/03/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee

Last week, I wrote about how many opportunities our students took up last weekend. These opportunities are a chance to put into action the skills and knowledge developed in their lessons, and applied to real situations. Our core learning values of Integrity, Respect, Care, Enquiry, Reflection and Perseverance are all needed in these wider learning opportunities. In addition, all of the events below really do need our students to be Global Citizens with a Vietnamese perspective.
Integrity, Perseverance, Respect and Care
The Under 13 FOBISIA games team went to Phuket to compete in this annual multi sport
event. They were against 6 other schools from around Asia and had to prepare really hard.
They had spent many hours on Saturdays going to the athletics track to practice their
events, they spent more hours during the week working on their swimming, basketball and
football. All of this time spent working on their techniques, learning how to work with each
other, and how to support one another proved to be invaluable as each student performed
with pride and competed all the way. I’d like to congratulate all of them, for their performances.
Another example of perseverance was demonstrated by our Duke of Edinburgh International Award students who undertook the gruelling Silver Award assessed expedition. Having learned the skills of camp craft and navigation, they completed their two day trek showing skill and resilience under great pressure. Having to respect the demands of the environment around them and caring for their teammates, I know that they will have learned a lot from each other and a lot about themselves.
Enquiry and Reflection
Our team of MUN students that went to Cambodia last weekend to participate in the
Northbridge Model United Nations event had to prepare arguments, as if they actually came from the country that they had been assigned to represent. Trying to understand a different culture, political system, and economy required a huge amount of research. They had to reflect on the needs of their own country and the contribution that was needed to work with the other nations, and how to respond to other countries points of view.

This week, we have a team of mathematicians competing in the FOBISIA Maths competition
in Shanghai. This is another great example of having to adapt their mathematical knowledge to solve a range of new and varied problems. It will test all of their Maths ability and need them to be flexible thinkers, resilient problem solvers and collaborative enquirers. I wish them all the best.
To finish our week, and in recognition of a global event, we celebrated our very own Oscars
ceremony. Prizes were awarded in our BVIS Opening Sequence competition, part of our
film competition - there was no red carpet - but my congratulations to all students who
entered and created their films. My thanks to Ms McKie for organising this.
I hope you all have a great week ahead.