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20 April, 2022

Bao Ngoc – Time balance is the key to pass the IGCSE exam

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Bao Ngoc – Time balance is the key to pass the IGCSE exam Bao Ngoc's sharings on how to succeed the IGCSE exam.

Bao Ngoc is a top student of BVIS Hanoi and she successfully completed the IGCSE exam last May. Let's listen to her sharing about the preparation process as well as other thoughts.

Good afternoon, can you please introduce a bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Bao Ngoc. I am in KS5-N. I have been studying at BVIS Hanoi for 5 years.


In the IGCSE exam that took place in May last year, which subjects did you choose?

I took it in May 2021 with 6 different subjects from Science, Maths, English, Business, Art, and Geography. To be honest, it was quite an exciting experience.

The reason I chose those subjects is that they provided me with knowledge and skills that link directly to my career path.

For example, Art encourages self-expression, creativity and builds confidence.

Whereas Geography and Business are complementary subjects that provide you with real-life examples that help you understand more about the current situation in the world.


Preparing for 6 subjects at the same time must not be easy. How did you revise many subjects at the same time?

Firstly, I will plan a detailed studying timetable 2 months before the exam. It will include the number of topics, the number of hours I will spend on each subject and the number of days before the exam.

Secondly, I will usually use a variety of websites to justify my understanding of a topic. For example, I will find definitions from Quitlez, textbooks and the past papers.


How do you feel about the exam?

Well, I must say taking a difficult test within a short period of time could be quite stressful. So, I usually balanced my free time and revision time in which I go out for some fresh air.

I think the hardest part was having enough motivation and discipline throughout the process. Not only does the revision time but also the two whole years of IGCSE. How to keep yourself relaxed but not give up at the same time.

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It must had been very stressful for you. How did you feel when the exam was over?  

I was very glad that I completed my test and no matter how hard it was, the result could turn up, I am just really proud of myself for completing a long journey and I’m ready to take on new challenges such as the A-Level exam.


If you could go back in time and change one thing in the previous semester, would you want to change anything?

Although the virtual learning was quite a new and interesting experience, I wish I was able to go to school more often. Because we could study more effectively and have more time to interact with our lovely teachers and friends.


What’s your plan for this term and next school year?

My next goal is to pass AS-Level mocks with flying colours and perhaps start my application to my dream universities. Also, I would like to try new hobbies such as learning a new language or trying a new sport.


After being postponed for several months, the IGCSE Certificate Presentation Ceremony is finally here. How do you feel about this?

I’m actually happy because this is our special day that marks an important milestone in a student’s life. I’m really looking forward to taking pictures and capturing these memorable moments with my friends and teachers.