27 March, 2024

EYFS Learning Showcase

EYFS Learning Showcase - EYFS Learning Showcase

To celebrate the end of a successful Term 2, Dover Court International School’s youngest students in EYFS collaborated to create an interactive showcase that highlights the diverse skills and discoveries the children have made in their learning journey so far. It was a delight to have parents join us in the learning environment, where we showcased progress through interactive provocations and exhibition installations.

With a strong focus on student voice, the children proudly took the lead with guided tours and discussions, reflecting on their learning experiences and the concepts explored in class. Through Reggio-inspired hands-on provocations, such as creating wire structures and paper making, the children eagerly shared their knowledge and skills with their parents, taking on the role of teachers, and guided their parents to interact in projects they have experienced in class.

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our showcase. Your presence was truly invaluable as we witnessed your active participation and positive interactions with the children. We are incredibly proud of our young learners for all their hard work and wonderful reflections on their learning. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our dedicated teachers for nurturing the potential of each child and their unwavering commitment to their growth and development. This wonderful celebration of learning has definitely spread a ripple of smiles throughout our community.