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What Our Parents Say

Our students' parents, past and present, have great things to say about BCB.

Turgeman's family

"We are very pleased with the school, teachers and the whole staff. 

Liel enjoyed comming to school and felt a lot of support, help and personal attention from her teachers. We greatly appreciate all the support."

                                                     Mr. Avraham Aviel 

                                                     Consul of Israel

                                                     Liel 's father -Y11 (IGCSE) 


Mura family

"We had a wonderful experience at BCB. All the teachers and staff were very professional, providing great support to Akshara. My daughter enjoyed the school days, always wanting to go to school, socializing, and interacting with all the students. Akshara always praised the teachers and her friends. She likes the extra curricular activities and the challenges organized by the school. She will miss her friends. 

Thanks a lot for all guidance and wonderful support throughout the years. We had a wonderful experience with the school!

                                              Mr. Krishnan Jayaraman

                                              Akshara's dad - Y3 Cidade Jardim campus.

Children are enjoying online clases, focus on finishing all duties on time, expecting the house points, competing among them and learning a lot. Thanks to the Virtual School we can move to Spain and continue with the classes. Enrique Orge Miguez - Pedro (R), Sofia (Y3) and Javier (Y4)'s dad
We greatly cherished our time at BCB. Our daughter absolutely loves everything about the school and is missing it already as we move to another city. As for us as parents, we especially identified with the school's values and principles taught towards being independent, responsible and learning through play. The way in which the school was able to convert to online learning so quickly and in such a swift manner was impressive. Again, as EYFS parents, we are truly grateful for the dedication especially of the teaching staff who have worked tirelessly to keep the little ones engaged and smiling in the middle of such challenging times. Thank you, BCB, we will miss you! Thatyanne Gasparotto - Alice (Nursery)'s mum.
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" Our experience with BCB started in 2013, first at the Cidade Jardim Campus, and later at Chácara Flora. Our family moved to Miami in 2017, and both of our daughters were promptly accepted at St Thomas Episcopal school, which we identified as one of the strongest elementary private schools in the region. Their academic backgrounds were very strong, and it was not a problem for any of them to adapt and deliver very solid performances at school. Less than a year later, our oldest daughter had to prepare for middle school, and the standardized tests required. Once again we found her academic background and responsibility towards school to be determinant for her achievements, and she was accepted at Ransom Everglades, one of the most respected schools in Florida. 

Starting in 2019 we will be back to Brazil, and didn’t think twice before returning to BCB, which had such an important role - not only in their academic background, which allowed them to transition very smoothly to the best schools in our region - but also their early school lives, in which they were introduced to a global, diversified world." 

Anice Rassi Constantini


" When I choose BCB, I was looking for a very international environment for my child. First of all, because I wanted him to grow up with people of different nationalities. Furthermore, as we're frequently moving from one country to another, it was important for me to have teachers trained to work with my kid to go through the change in a positive way. Also, as BCB is part of the Nord Anglia worldwide network, it's so nice to know that you can move to another country and count on the support of the school. It's very helpful. Finally, my kid is very happy with the school and learning with curiosity: not to be better than others, but to be openminded; I notice he's becoming a better version of himself every day" 

Viviana Venneri, Parent

"We moved to São Paulo in March 2018, from the Antipodes. Jumping into a new country - new school, new class,new teachers, new friends - in the middle of the year could be really hard, and we were worried about how our kids (6 and 2.5 years old) would manage. Since the very first day at BCB, it was crystal clear that we didn't have anything to worry about.

Everyone at BCB welcomed us like we had always been part of this special community. Everyone - the teachers, the assistant teachers, all the staff - are helping my kids grow, as human beings first, and as students, every day.

Every day we see our school sharing and teaching to the kids the values in which we believe in: honesty, integrity, hard work, helping others, friendship. Every day our school asks our kids to dream big, to challenge themselves, to have the courage to believe in themselves and in what they are doing. That they can be whatever they want, but this isn't coming for free.

Every day our school encourages the natural curiosity of the kids, asking them to observe the world with wide open eyes, always trying to discover and learn new things. And the best part, every day our school teaches our kids that learning is the most beautiful job in the world."

Silvia Tagliaferro, Parent

The Fehers

"There are so many wonderful things to say about BCB as it is so much more than an ordinary school. My children have attended BCB since we arrived in São Paulo from Barcelona, Spain. 

The curriculum encourages independence as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in these areas that are critical in further education and the work environment. 

Classes are small and the education is personal. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. BCB provides a high quality, in a family-type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, growth and development. 

The sports activities and use of technology are also wonderful! Lucas loves being part of the school football team and the sailing activities and Julieta enjoys pretty much singing in the school choir and being part of the Vikings school house!"

Vivian Feher, Parent

What's amazing is that their love for the school has not diminished over the years, and they are always wearing a smile at the end of the school day. Siew Hong, Parent
Ana Carolina Alves (1)

"In addition to academic excellence, the school creates opportunities for children to develop the human side, reinforcing the values we teach at home.

Being part of the BCB family has been wonderful and we would like to thank the teachers and staff for the care they have always shown to our family."

Ana Carolina Alves Knudsen, Parent

"We are parents of Ethan (age 11 year 7) and Sara (age 8 year 3). We have been a proud and happy family at the British College of Brazil for 6 wonderful years! In this time we have seen our children grow and flourish becoming independent and confident members of the school community.

We love the family feel the school has and it’s intimate yet open atmosphere.You always feel welcome and the staff are always open to help and assist.

The school is truly international with many nationalities represented and so our children have felt accepted and open to learning about many different cultures.

The key ingredient to a great school is to have happy and inquisitive children! Thank you BCB!"

The Huttons, Parents

Thanks to The British College of Brazil's great educational experience, I am proud to say that Yuta, Grade 6, has achieved grades “A” in all subjects in term 1, and Hinata was recommended by his new school to skip from Grade 3 to Grade 4 in term 2! Hayashi, Kenta

 My family came to Brazil from South Korea two months ago and it is our first time to live abroad. My son and daughter entered the British College of Brazil, Chacara Flora Campus last January.  
Especially My son, Paulo is two and a half-year-old boy and he is still wearing his nappies. I have been feeling that he is still a baby, as he was a breastfed baby two months ago in Korea. After my husband and I decided to bring him to the campus, we were still very worried and doubtful about our decision. There were no other Korean children in his class and he could not speak English. He only knew a few English words.
 At the first day at BCB, I was planning Paulo would spend only 1 or 2 hours at the classroom and meet the new teacher and new friends, which was enough for the first day. I was waiting in the reception room for an hour. After I heard he was doing well, I left the campus but I was still waiting in my car just in case.
When I came back to school at noon to pick him up, I saw my son showed me a shy and proud smile! His teacher, Ms. Ana Carolina Aranha told me that he seemed to be able to stay more, so I asked him if he wanted to stay until the end of the classes and even take a nap. Astonishingly he said yes and he entered the classroom again, with one hand holding her hands and with the other hand waving to say goodbye. It was unbelievable! I felt so grateful and proud of my son. 
 Therefore, my two-year son spent a full day in the classroom, took a nap, and had lunch a lot. No cries and no fears at all on the first day!
 After the whole day, I hugged him and I was almost in tears with gratitude. My daughter, Celina was feeling also very happy for the first day at BCB. I sent emails to the teachers and told, "I found the right school and right teachers!" After one or two days, Ms. Aranha told be my son tried to use some English words to express his wishes.  
 One week later, my son and daughter came to love school life more. Now they often talk to me they want to go to school at weekends. From the second week, they started to talk to each other in English, playing at home, although it is not perfect. It seems like a fun play for them to learn English. It is totally what I have wanted before.
 The amazing stories are still continuing. Now I am looking forward to seeing what will happen to them and I am waiting with great excitement.
 I really appreciate the teachers and all the staff in BCB and I also want to share my story with other people.
                                                   Eunyoung Cho - Paulo and Celina's father