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At the International School of Moscow (ISM), our safe and happy pre-school environment is the perfect place for our early years children to develop and grow. Our specialist teachers will get to know how your child learns best, nurturing their curiosity and interests, as well as guiding their personal, social, and emotional development. We also provide a firm British academic grounding, ensuring your child hits important milestones in literacy, maths, arts, and design.

Our Early-Years Curriculum

At the International School of Moscow, our youngest children follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which we offer on both our Rosinka (ages 2-5) and Krylatskoe (ages 3-5) campuses.

At this formative stage in their education, our specialist teachers will guide your child through the seven key EYFS learning and development areas:

  1. Communication and language.
  2. Physical development.
  3. Personal, social, and emotional development.
  4. Literacy.
  5. Maths.
  6. Understanding the world.
  7. Expressive arts and design.


Learning through active play

At ISM, we encourage learning through play. We know children learn best when they’re happy, stimulated, and engaged, which is why we offer a vast range of opportunities that both captivate and challenge.

This includes lots of experiential learning, both in and beyond the classroom. From building a model aeroplane to designing Roman temples, our children get hands-on, showcase their creativity, and solve problems from a young age.

They also love to explore our age-appropriate outdoor spaces and natural areas, enjoying regular trips to nearby forests, lakes, and parks. Winter in Moscow provides a unique opportunity to build sledging runs and snow forts, while summer brings our children closer to birds, minibeasts, and plants. On our Rosinka Campus, our Forest School – one of only a handful in Russia – connects our students more deeply with nature. Students spend time in outside, learning about the natural world around them.

At ISM, a typical Early Years day also involves socialising, discussion, and reasoning, alongside storytelling, reading, simple maths, arts, and design.



Our students’ creativity shines through a range of artistic experiences. Through music, performance, and dance, our youngest children develop their emotional intelligence, cognitive thinking, and fine and gross motor skills. Your child will sing and learn to play multiple instruments, as well as dress up, choreograph simple dances, and perform. We encourage our students to show-off their skills in front of an audience, too, building confidence and self-esteem.


Physical education

Physical activity supports our children’s all-round development, and we encourage healthy habits from a young age. Our children take part in a variety of team and individual games. A focus on fun and fitness gets our children moving both indoors and out, developing core movement and coordination skills.

Early Years At ISM

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At ISM, we combine the highest British standards with exceptional personalised support, enabling your child to achieve great things – academically, personally, creatively, and socially – from an early age.