From an early age, our students enjoy residential trips that take them out of their comfort zone, build their confidence, and see them form lifelong friendships. We also offer a rich programme of excursions in Moscow.
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In Years 1-6, educational visits are linked to topics and themes taught in class. Educational visits may include museums, cultural sites and events, or activity centres, and are designed to support learning in the classroom.

In Years 4-6, we offer the opportunity to enjoy an annual residential trip. These trips take place across Russia, and are between three nights and a week in length. 


At Secondary, our students enjoy an annual residential trip with their respective year groups. Trips take place in Russia and abroad over a one-week period.

Our residential visits promote independence, leadership, teamwork, maturity, and self-esteem. For our students, these residential trips are consistently one of the highlights of their academic year. During each trip, we strive to offer new experiences and challenge them in different ways.