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Our A-Level curriculum at the International School of Moscow sets an exceptionally high standard, providing pathways to outstanding higher education across the world. At Sixth Form, your child will specialise in three or four subjects, as well expanding their knowledge and skills through leadership, outreach, and extra-curricular opportunities. Equipping them with the confidence, character, and resilience to succeed, our students achieve exceptional academic results that take them to first-choice universities across the world.
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Our A-Level curriculum

At Sixth Form, our students delve deeper into their chosen subjects. As they prepare for university – and start thinking about careers – they become specialists in their fields, typically studying four AS-Level subjects in Year 12 and three A-Level subjects in Year 13.

We offer more than 20 subjects at A-Level, including art and design, music, maths and further maths, economics, English literature, and Russian. You can find a full list of options in our Sixth Form prospectus.

As is the case at every stage of a student’s education at ISM, their academic studies are only one part of their educational experience. We encourage all our students to learn beyond the classroom by pursuing their interests and embarking on new adventures. We organise several trips and expeditions, provide a variety of community service opportunities, and offer a plethora of activities, including sports, volunteering, music, drama, dance, and languages.

Sixth Form students are also expected to take on leadership roles within the school community, leading sports teams, social clubs, and outreach initiatives.


Preparing for university

Our university preparation guidance will ensure your child is ready for the challenge of higher education. As well as focusing on independent study skills such as referencing, note-taking, and time management, our guidance helps students prepare for and complete their university applications. These are submitted during the first term of Year 13.

We also offer practical help to our Sixth Formers in:


Outstanding A-Level results

We’re incredibly proud of our students’ impressive results. In 2022, 100% of our students passed their A-Levels, with 89% earning A* to B grades in English and maths – more than double the UK average.


First-choice university destinations

Our students’ achievements take them to the very best universities in the UK, Europe, North America, and Asia. This includes Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, the University of Toronto, UCLA, New York University, Michigan State University, Amsterdam University, and Delft.

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Sixth Form Handbook 

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Our carefully constructed British academic programme – combined with the highest levels of personalised pastoral support – lays the foundations for our students’ success, both now and in the future.

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