At ISM, your child’s wellbeing is our absolute priority. Our expert pastoral care team, which includes a psychologist, counsellor, and safeguarding team, will make sure they’re supported in everything they do.
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We’ll make sure your child is safe and supported in everything they do. Our expert pastoral care team actively keep an eye on every student’s health and wellbeing. In a recent survey, 96% of our parents said their child felt safe at school.

School counsellors

We have highly trained specialist paediatric psychologists based on both campuses. Our school psychologists can provide individual and small group counselling based on a student’s needs.

We understand that students may, at times, experience friendship or relationship difficulties, bereavement, low-self-esteem, or academic pressures. Our psychologists are able to work with them to develop coping strategies and work through conflict.

Our team of psychologists are qualified to work with students from Pre-Nursery through to Year 13, using specialised techniques such as play therapy, art therapy, sand therapy, and storytelling. Students can drop in for one session for advice and support. Short- and long-term intervention can also be arranged, based on the recommendation of the school psychologist.

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Head of Year and Form Tutors

Our Secondary staffing structure incorporates a dedicated Head of Year for each year group from Year 7-11. Each Head of Year coordinates with the Form Tutors in their year group to organise fun, interactive, and challenging activities during the registration period at the start of every school day. This ensures each student receives an enriched curriculum which introduces them to different cultures and traditions from around the world, encouraging collaboration and promoting tolerance.

Students are given the opportunity to mediate, discuss, and debate global affairs and share their experiences and aspirations. The Heads of Year, with the support of the Form Tutors, closely monitor behaviour, safeguarding, and attendance issues, ensuring that any concerns are raised directly with parents. When necessary, they also liaise closely with the Secondary Deputy Head (Pastoral). The Head of Year will also provide guidance and support to students who are transitioning from Year 6 to 7 and Year 11 to 12.

The Heads of Year will meet and greet new students when they take their first tentative steps at ISM and support them during the first few weeks, liaising with teachers and parents, keeping you informed of how they're getting on. Our Heads of Year play a crucial role in ensuring that each student receives individual and personalised care.


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 At ISM, we approach bullying with transparency, ensuring that incidents are dealt with swiftly and effectively. We work diligently with the school community, including students, teachers, support staff, and parents, to raise awareness of anti-bullying policies. We implement cross-curricular approaches to tackle bullying and coach our students about different prevention and intervention strategies. Our anti-bullying campaigns and whole-school approach are embedded into the ISM school ethos..
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Student Leadership 

The Student Council plays an important role in ensuring student concerns, ideas, and issues are heard and resolved.

We also have peer mentors, so that younger children benefit from the experience and knowledge of their older peers. The older students develop communication, leadership, empathy, and moral reasoning skills in the process.

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Students’ physical health

In addition to pastoral care, we also ensure our students’ physical health is properly cared for. We have an excellent on-site catering company that provides daily nutritious and healthy lunches.

As well as PE lessons, the school day is structured so that students have enough free time to run around and play outside. Students are also encouraged to take part in physical activity during enrichment lessons or after school.


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