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Nord Anglia
01 March, 2023

Year Two Production: Wiz Wham Alakazam

“Sun Castle is a busy, bustling, magical place, where wizards live and work happily together, whatever their interests and their many differences.

Then, one day, the sun starts to dim. The busy wizards barely notice; besides, the Chief Wizard can always be relied upon to sort out these things. But when the chief’s spell fails and the sun goes out altogether – in the middle of the day – unsurprisingly, everybody finally starts to take notice. But have they left it too late?”  
The theme of working together and supporting each other extended well beyond the stage in Year Two's Production of "Wiz Wham Alakazam". Students first had the daunting task of learning their own individual lines, then how to move and interact with each other on stage.

Finally, as the year group truly came together as a team, they learnt how to support each other to remember their stage directions, dialogue and how to give their best performances to a packed audience. Together they made magic happen.

A dramatic production is a fantastic opportunity for unexpected stars and hidden talents. Some students took to the stage with a dramatic flair from day one showing increasing creativity each rehearsal. While others overcame their inhibitions, developing their resilience and courage along the way.

The pride on the faces of all students was evident during their performances. Each had made their own journey and together they put on an outstanding show. The stage was full of bright stars, beaming with pride and confidence; brighter even, than the sun they worked together to save.