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27 February, 2023

Ice Skating on the Rosinka Campus

Ice Skating on the Rosinka Campus - Ice Skating on the Rosinka Campus
As I write this newsletter article, I am lacing up my skates for another Year One Ice Skating lesson and reminiscing over the past six weeks of skating, the progress the students have made and the benefit of outdoor sport during winter.

Ice Skating is a wonderful activity for children and adults. It provides them with a chance to stay active during winter, build balance, confidence and of course have fun.

At ISM Rosinka, our students have the opportunity to skate weekly during Physical Education lessons and with the introduction of After School Activities and Lunch Time Clubs, each student has the chance to get on the ice three times a week. We find Ice Skating is a wonderful way to keep our students active and improve their physical fitness, and by offering it to students in Year One, we help to develop coordination, balance, and endurance at an early age. With regular practise, our children have improved their skating skills and build confidence in their abilities. It is amazing to see how much the children have improved in just six weeks of skating on our new rink. They are so much more confident on the ice and their skating skills have really taken off.

Ice Skating on the Rosinka Campus - Ice Skating on the Rosinka Campus

Not only is Ice Skating physically beneficial, but it is also a fun and social activity. Through our Lunch Time Clubs and After School Activities, children have the chance to make friends across different year groups, whilst enjoying the thrill of gliding across the ice. Ice Skating provides a sense of freedom and the chance to be creative. Children can develop their skills by trying out different moves and tricks, and they can even create their own routines.

In addition to the physical and social benefits, Ice Skating can also help to build character. Skating teaches children perseverance, independence, determination, and resilience. They learn that with practise, they can achieve their goals and improve their skills. I have been thrilled to see the independence of students as young as five buckling up their own helmets and lacing up their skates racing to get on the ice.

The development of an Ice Skating culture at ISM Rosinka has been a goal of mine since starting at the campus, and I believe this year we have truly done this, the proof of which is student lining up to use the rink in their free time.

I am look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming ‘Skate Day’.