31 July, 2023

Arts Cafe 2023

Arts Cafe - Arts Cafe
Arts Cafe

It has been an absolute pleasure to open the doors of our classrooms to families and exhibit the creative works that have been made over this year at ISM Upper Campus. Artworks included work produced as part of the STEAM programme, with Cyanotypes (shadow-like prints made with light sensitive chemicals pasted on paper), plans for housing inspired by insect colonies and observational natural history sketches, whilst Key Stage Three works included 3D and themed works exploring ‘darkness’ and ‘nature’.  

iGCSE Art and Design students exhibited works produced in their final year, with casts of skulls, water-colour and digital paintings presented. Seohyeon Park (Year 11 iGCSE Fine Art), speaks about her painting: “In Books, every character has an ending, and their fate is chosen by a writer. I depict images of the tiger and Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) that connect to my home country, Korea, to show scenes from a narrative. I aim to present an escape from restrictions that keeps you away from your dream, as an escape from a book” 

Sargon-Luka  (A Level fine Art) presented a table covered in painted cloth with arrangements of his works exploring his Georgian heritage. Observational drawings, paintings of architecture, abstract works and video projection contributed to a joyful, sprawling celebration. 

AS and A Level Media Studies students also exhibited their films and print works as part of the show. Teacher of Art, Ms Rissik says, “Exhibitions are an important part of professional artists' lives. The work is transformed by the space it is viewed in. By displaying one's work so openly and vulnerably, it allows the viewer a small glimpse into the very personal mind of the creative. The Art Cafe was a great experience for the iGCSE and A Level art and design students to get a taste of this and a sense of what it means to showcase their work and see it in a whole new light.” 

Many thanks to all of the musicians who performed as part of the Art Café event. You helped make our evening very memorable.

To watch a video highlight of our event, visit our YouTube channel on this link: https://youtu.be/iocjQqFzor0