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14 February, 2019

A New Day for Sport at ISM Rosinka

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A New Day for Sport at ISM Rosinka It has been another fantastic month full of sportsmanship at ISM Rosinka. From traditional sports, to dodgeball tournaments to outdoor education to kayaking, ISM has it all! 01 ISM_Moscow_Rosinka_2019_236 _ HERO

It has been another fantastic month full of sportsmanship at ISM Rosinka. From traditional sports, to dodgeball tournaments to outdoor education to kayaking, ISM has it all!

Over the course of this academic year, the Physical Education department has made many changes to the core and wider curriculum. Throughout the year, the curriculum has been developed to increase the number of different sports on offer to our students. So far, we have offered opportunities for our students to experience Tag Rugby, Gaelic Football, Aussie Rules Football, Netball, Handball, Dance, Gymnastics, Football and Swimming. These sports allow our pupils to try different activities, with the goal of creating interest and excitement in a range of sports. Sometimes, students try a new sport for the first time and actually end up playing that sport for many years to come.

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Alongside our changes to the curriculum, the Physical Education department have also organised competitions, both inside and outside of school. Firstly, we attended the inaugural Brookes Moscow Football tournament, where our mixed team of boys and girls competed against six other international schools from Moscow, resulting in a win for ISM Rosinka. Next, we invited other international schools to compete in a basketball tournament being held at Upper Campus, Krylatskoe. Our boys team won their competition and our girls team came second. Finally, during school breaks and lunch times we have organised a number of different competitions that are played between House groups. So far, we have played NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey and NDL Dodgeball tournaments. Children from Years One to Six have taken part in these tournaments. All pupils taking part in these activities experience being part of a team, as well as developing leadership skills and the chance to work towards a shared goal.

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We have also introduced an outdoor education club this academic year, where students attend a club every Monday. Pupils learn survival skills through experiencing ‘The Great Outdoors’. Activities include: igloo building, forest walks, mountain biking, map reading and tent building. Students who have completed the year of training will be eligible to take part in the Outdoor Education Award. This opportunity will allow pupils to develop leadership skills, develop independence and increase their decision-making skills by taking part in a supervised survival situation. Students must be able to map-read to certain coordinates in order to collect the correct equipment needed for them to camp and cook for themselves overnight.

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Looking forwards, both Mr Jackson and Mr Cole have been busy earning extra qualifications in order to develop and expand our Outdoor Education programme. Starting from this Summer, our Physical Education department will be able to offer kayaking sessions on the Rosinka Lake to all pupils starting from Year Three. We are always striving to do more in order provide the best possible physical education experience for our pupils.

Written by Christopher Jackson, Rosinka PE Coordinator