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12 December, 2022

Swimming Showcases on the Krylatskoe Lower Campus


After a two-year absence, it was a great to re-introduce the Swimming Showcase back into our events calendar. It has been an incredibly busy month on Lower Campus with our Swimming unit. Over the space of four days Year 1- Year 4 students all took part in anamazing and exciting showcase.

The students displayed great courage and technique to complete all the swimming activities, which consisted of Front Crawl, Backstroke, breathing techniques and water safety.

The highlight was the House races as the pupils were really engaged and competitive whilst showing amazing support to their friends.

The PE department managed to collect some competitive times which will hopefully help the students take part in future swimming fixtures.

Congratulations to Year 4 Saxons, Year 3 Saxons, Year 2 Vikings and Year 1 Romans for winning the House competition.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the event as your support was greatly appreciated.  I would like to congratulate the students below for the fastest times of the day in each year group.:

Year 4 
Backstroke boy – Siho 30.98 seconds 
Frontcrawl boy – Enzo  26:34 seconds 
Backstroke Girl – Daria  28:42 seconds 
Frontcrawl Girl -  Aleksandra 25:29 seconds 

Year 3 
Backstroke boy - Arkadiy 30.00 seconds 
Frontcrawl boy – Carlos 30.70 seconds 
Backstroke Girl – Polina + Evelina 25.75 seconds 
Frontcrawl Girl - Polina 24.94 seconds 

Year 2 
Backstroke boy - Mikhail 30.28 seconds  
Frontcrawl boy - Mikhail 25.16 seconds 
Backstroke Girl – Agata 35.26 seconds 
Frontcrawl Girl – Lana 36.07 seconds 

Year 1 
Backstroke boy – Platon 32.00 seconds 
Frontcrawl boy – Platon (kickboard) 33.06 seconds 
Backstroke Girl – Anastasia 52.00 seconds 
Frontcrawl Girl – Anna (kickboard) 49:00 seconds