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Nord Anglia
27 February, 2023

Rosinka Year 5 Production - Aladdin

Year 5's Aladdin brings the famous movie to life, on stage. In Agrabah, City of Enchantment, every beggar has a story, and every camel has a tail!

Aladdin, a kind but wily, street urchin, falls in love with beautiful Princess Jasmine, it just so happens, however, that the Sultan has declared Princess Jasmine must choose a husband within the next day. Aladdin -- with the help of a fast-talking, magical Genie and a quirky group of friends -- introduces himself as wealthy suitor Prince Ali of Ababwa. Will love conquer all? Perhaps - if love has a little help from a Genie.

The show featured Rosinka’s talented young performers, who sang, danced, and acted their way through the well-known. The costumes, sets, and lighting were all expertly designed and executed, creating a vibrant and immersive experience for the audience.

The students' hard work and dedication were evident throughout the performance, as they brought their characters to life and delivered their lines and songs with enthusiasm and professionalism. The audience was captivated from start to finish, and the show received enthusiastic applause and cheers.

Overall, the Year 5 performance of Aladdin was a resounding success and a highlight of the school year. Congratulations to all the students and staff involved!