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Jack Fox-Powell
Director of Admissions & Marketing
15 August, 2023

Teacher Induction Week 2023

Teacher Induction Week 2023

On Monday 14th August, The International School of Moscow welcomed new and existing teachers back to school ready for the new academic year. Induction Week, a pivotal event in the school calendar, is a time where the foundations of the year are laid. This year's induction week was a dynamic fusion of cultural nurturing and practical classroom preparation.

The week kicked off with an unwavering focus on fostering a positive school culture. The team meticulously curated sessions that highlighted the core values, mission, and shared aspirations of the school. Teachers were immersed in discussions, workshops, and team-building activities, all aimed at instilling a sense of belonging and a commitment to collaborative excellence.

While the leadership team focused on the culture of the school, teachers were equally busy preparing their classrooms. The excitement was palpable as classrooms were transformed into vibrant havens of learning, meticulously arranged to inspire creativity and engagement.

A highlight of the week was the additional training session for Primary Teachers. This training revolved around 'Talk for Writing', an innovative writing structure devised by renowned educator Pie Corbett. Through workshops and interactive sessions, teachers delved into the intricacies of this method, equipping themselves to empower students with effective writing skills and a profound appreciation for language.

The International School of Moscow is ready for the new academic year.

Have a great term!