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Justin Noack
Head of Lower Campus
12 December, 2023

The Importance of Balance

The Importance of Balance - The Importance of Balance
The Importance of Balance
The Success Skill of Balance is often overlooked, but is nonetheless key to a child growing to unlock their full potential.

In his famous book, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, Stephen Covey examined the character values and personal habits that help people live fulfilling lives. His seventh habit, ‘Sharpen the Saw’, argues that making time for personal care and renewal is indispensable in the process of achieving all we are capable of.

In Moscow, filling children’s schedules with exciting activities is an easy thing to do. Few cities are as rich with opportunities to learn and grow, whether via academic tutors, trips to the theatre, sports training, language lessons, and more. These activities are all extremely worthwhile and can make for a broad and exciting childhood.

However, amidst all our children’s organised learning, Stephen Covey would encourage us to also place high value on time that leads to mental, physical and spiritual renewal. These might entail activities as simple as taking a walk through a local park, playing with friends, reading a favourite book, or enjoying a family meal together. Even plenty of free-time is important, allowing children to engage their imaginations and make independent decisions.

Even something as simple as sleep is more impactful than you might think. Apart from being necessary for physical health, during sleep the brain files the learning experiences of the day into the long-term memory during this time.

Recommended sleeping hours according to the National Health Service:

Early Years Child – 10-13 hours

Primary Child – 9-12 hours

With a balanced life in mind, we can help our children explore an exciting world without feeling the pressure to fill up every moment of the day. Free time for play, mindful moments, family and social connections, personal hobbies and plenty of rest are as important as anything else when it comes to being at our best.

And perhaps to be our best as parents, we can see fit to give ourselves ample time for renewal as well!