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The International School of Moscow
23 May, 2024

The Moscow Mathematics Olympiad A Display of Mathematical Excellence

The Moscow Mathematics Olympiad A Display of Mathematical Excellence

In the lower tier competition, six schools participated, demonstrating their prowess in individual, practical, algorithmic, and group rounds. Despite fierce competition, ISM emerged victorious, displaying remarkable skill and determination. However, it was a closely contested battle, with BIS showing impressive performance, hot on the heels of ISM throughout the event. 


Meanwhile, in the upper tier category, seven schools, including BIS, CIS, EIS, Heritage, Magic Castle, and Brookes, showcased their mathematical acumen. The competition featured intense rounds, including individual challenges that kept the students on the edge of their seats all the way through. A highlight of the upper tier competition was the dramatic conclusion of the individual round, where Dain from CIS and Woo Jin from ISM found themselves in a tiebreaker situation. With tensions running high, Dain triumph was celebrated, making her journey from the St. Petersburg campus truly worthwhile. The competition between ISM and CIS, as well as Brookes, was particularly fierce, with each school delivering impressive performances. 


In the end, ISM emerged victorious in both tiers, demonstrating their commitment to mathematical excellence. However, the competition was not without its surprises, with only a one-point difference between the top two finalists in the lower tier, where Ji Yoon from ISM emerged as the champion. 


The Moscow Mathematics Olympiad A Display of Mathematical Excellence - The Moscow Mathematics Olympiad A Display of Mathematical Excellence


Beyond the intense competition, the Mathematics Olympiad fostered a spirit of teamwork among the participating schools. Pizza and snacks provided the much-needed fuel to keep the mathematicians energised throughout the event, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. 

Furthermore, the success of the event was also attributed to the exemplary efforts of ISM's mathematics ambassadors namely Sihyun, Sunwoo, Ksenia, Luthien, Sara, Paulina, Yuljin, Jizhi, Simo and Yuchan, who provided invaluable assistance to the participating teams. Serving as role models for their school, these student ambassadors exemplified leadership, teamwork, and dedication, ensuring that the event ran smoothly and that all participants felt welcomed and supported. 


The Mathematics Olympiad at ISM was not just a showcase of mathematical talent but also a celebration of dedication, perseverance, and teamwork. Congratulations to Minji ( Year 7), Maria ( Year 7), Ain (Year 7), Ji Yoon ( Year 8), Anthony ( Year 8), Hyunbeen ( Year 10), Eunjae ( Year 9), Woo Jin ( Year 9), Andrian ( Year 9) and Haeun ( Year 9) for for their outstanding performances, and here's to many more exhilarating competitions in the future!