The International School of Moscow is proud to be the only centre in Russia that offers ABRSM’s internationally-renowned theoretical and practical music exams.
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ABRSM is the UK's largest music education body and one of the world's largest music publishers. They're also the planet's leading provider of music examinations, delivering over 600,000 assessments in 90 countries. The exams are a valued and trusted measure of musical progress worldwide.

ABRSM examinations are open to any musicians hoping to measure their musical achievement. Candidates may be entered for an exam at any age. Candidates for Practical Grades 1 through 5 may be entered without previously having taken any other grade. The syllabi for each individual grade can be found here. There are nine grades of examination in Music Performance and eight grades in Music Theory. These examinations progress in difficulty from Initial Grade ** to Grade 8.

Students who pass exams at Grade 6 and above are awarded UCAS points, which count towards applications for university and college in the UK. These can have a positive impact on whether students are admitted to certain institutions.


The ABRSM Theory Examination

This examination assesses a candidate’s ability to identify, use, and manipulate conventional musical symbols, and to answer questions relating to musical elements according to specific grade-by-grade requirements. The full syllabus is available at: https://ru.abrsm.org/en/our-exams/online-theory/.


Online Music Theory exams (Grades 1-5)

Booking period: Can be booked at any time

Exam window: Available at any time

  • Applicants can book using our online service.
  • After booking, candidates will be emailed their unique login details to access the exam.
  • They will then login to take their online exam at any point during the four-week exam window.
  • Candidates will only be able take one exam during this period.


Before the exam

Candidates can find checklists, learning resources, and practice exams on our website. We'll continue to update this with any new information and guidance.


Fees (in Euros)*

Grade 1: 83 Euro                          

Grade 2: 85 Euro                          

Grade 3: 87 Euro                          

Grade 4: 96 Euro

Grade 5: 105 Euro

*All examination fees (above) are paid online, directly to ABRSM.

Please click here for fee information.

“ABRSM assessments provide a globally recognised measure of musical attainment. They take into account the full range of musical skills, along with related knowledge and understanding. This enables candidates to continue developing their musicianship and following their musical journey - wherever it may eventually lead.”

John Holmes, Chief Examiner at ABRSM


The ABRSM Practical Examination

This examination assesses performance skills through pieces or songs, technical skills through scales and arpeggios, notation skills through a sight-reading test, and listening and musical perception through aural tests. ABRSM examinations can be taken in singing and a variety of instruments, such as piano, bowed strings, woodwind, brass, harp, and more. 

Entry/booking: available monthly.

Video upload: available monthly.

You can find full information about the performance grades here.


Fees (in Euros)*

Preparatory Test: 98 Euro        Grade 4: 160 Euro         

Initial Grade: 101 Euro               Grade 5: 176 Euro    

Grade 1: 111 Euro                          Grade 6: 201 Euro

Grade 2: 127 Euro                          Grade 7: 214 Euro

Grade 3: 147 Euro                          Grade 8: 255 Euro

*All examination fees (above) are paid online, directly to ABRSM.

There is a video upload window each month, please click here to see the latest information about booking periods.

For ABRSM Diplomas, please contact: music.exams@internationalschool.ru.

To register for the practical or theoretical examination, fill in the online form. For any additional information about ABRSM, please contact our music team at: music.exams@internationalschool.ru

There are no age restrictions and students can start with any grade or skip grades if they want to.