At ISM, the world really is your child’s oyster. We offer one of the broadest after-school activity programmes in Russia, ensuring our students enjoy a myriad of opportunities to do what they love and try new things.
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Our After-School Activity programme

After-School Activities (ASAs) run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and are available to all students.

ASAs are organised by staff members and outside instructors. Generally, there is no charge, except when activities take place off-site or are run by external tutors. ASAs generally start at the beginning of each term, once usual routines are established. You will be notified in advance so that you can help your child to choose which activities they want to do.

Once an ASA is chosen for the term, it is important the student remains committed to that activity. Certain ASAs may require a commitment across more than one term.

At ISM, we are proud to offer a vibrant ASA programme, tailored to inspire and stretch our diverse cohort of students. The opportunity for students to develop interests beyond the classroom is an integral part of school life.

Our After-School Activities broaden our students’ knowledge of the world and develop essential skills like communication, leadership, public speaking, project management, and organisation. Some of our most popular clubs include STEAM, TED talks, art and crafts, and cyberdiscovery.

Other activities include: 

Music and performing arts 

  • Drama.
  • Mindfulness water colouring.
  • Art and crafts.
  • Music.
  • Painting and drawing landscapes.


  • Table tennis.
  • Primary football
  • Dance or fitness club.
  • Badminton.
  • Senior sports.


  • Korean as a foreign language.
  • Latin and ancient history club.
  • Spanish advanced reading.
  • German language and culture club.
  • Russian advanced reading.


  • Cyberdiscovery.
  • STEAM.
  • Logical thinking.
  • Euromath/Euroscience.
  • CyberFirst girls computing club.


  • Upcycling fashion.
  • David Attenborough appreciation society.
  • Stock market game investment and business club.
  • Diplomacy club.
  • Chess club.

Through our ASA programme, students work collaboratively with like-minded individuals and develop shared passions outside of the classroom. Our clubs also offer opportunities to achieve accredited certificates, to travel, and to take part in international events like our COBIS debating club and Euromaths/Euroscience.

All our clubs are designed to build character and self-esteem, to increase resilience in the face of challenge, to reinforce a sense of ethics and social responsibility, and to motivate our students to contribute positively to the wider community.