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08 June, 2019

An interdisciplinary approach to teaching science and technology

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An interdisciplinary approach to teaching science and technology Our collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) WhatsApp Image 20190429 at 80525 PM 1

We want your child to imagine a world of infinite possibilities. Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) play an invaluable part in helping your child to develop academic, social and personal success. Through practical, hands-on problem solving, your child can develop transferable skills such as creativity, curiosity, resilience, resourcefulness, collaboration, and confidence to help pave the way to a wide-open future.

Nord Anglia Education has worked closely with MIT to introduce children to innovative ways of learning STEAM subjects in a way that encourages creativity, experimentation and teaches children to apply their skills to real-world situations. This collaboration comes in three parts:

This year four MET students attended MIT to immerse themselves in a culture of hands-on problem-solving. Our students met with leading MIT scientists, built and experimented in workshops, and learned about new discoveries that will shape their future. Activities included everything from building robots to bioengineering and coding. Students were able to take a glimpse at student life in one of the most prestigious universities.

In-school challenges through Global Campus
This year we dipped our toes into NAE's Global Campus and its MIT in-school challenges that encourage students to work together to find innovative and creative solutions to complex problems. For example, through the Hack the Tube global challenge, our students blended ingenuity and imagination to develop an invention using paper tubes. One of our MET students was even highlighted as one of the top student inventions from our NAE family around the world!

STEAM Teacher Workshops
Over the summer, two MET faculty will participate in workshops at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These workshops will expose them to the forefront of STEAM research and thinking. Our faculty attending are:

  • Ms. Shelley Love, METAGs Coordinator and Math Coach
  • Mr. John McBride, Tech Coach and Global Campus lead at the MET

Both will receive training from MIT researchers and renowned academics on how to implement STEAM education in a meaningful way. Activities will also include discussions and workshops with leading engineers and scientists about topics such as climate change, food production technologies, city planning and gaming among other things.