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24 March, 2023

Apple Learning Academy and Nord Anglia: Preparing our World’s Best Teachers for the future

Apple Learning Academy and Nord Anglia - Apple Learning Academy and Nord Anglia
Preparing our World’s Best Teachers for the future

Andrea Medina, a homeroom teacher from Third Grade, participated with 25 other Nord Anglia educators in a one-of-a-kind learning experience at Apple Learning Academy last March

Apple Learning Academy, a professional development program offered by Apple

It is designed to help educators enhance their skills and effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices. 

The program offers hands-on training and workshops on Apple technologies, including the iPad, Mac, Apple apps, creativity, and innovation. It helps educators to create more engaging and innovative learning experiences for students by utilizing technology. 

Preparing our World’s Best Teachers for the future 

Providing such opportunities shows our commitment to mentoring the world's best teachers and preparing our students for success. We do this through engaging and innovative learning experiences. The program facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices by working with educators around the world. This can benefit students globally. 

Andrea stated:  

“I am grateful to have been immersed in a culture of curiosity and passion for teaching and learning. The enthusiasm was so infectious that I am eager to continue asking questions and exploring intentional and meaningful uses of technology. Thank you for being such an inspirational group of educators.”

Nord Anglia educators were fortunate to explore Apple's culture, educational resources, creativity, and technology. The focus on the Learner's Ambitions was also significant because it helps educators to understand the individual needs and aspirations of students and to tailor teaching methods accordingly  

The use of thinking routines and hands-on activities was also an excellent way to engage with the material and ensure interactive and memorable learning. And of course, a visit to Apple Park was a highlight for anyone interested in technology and innovation

Educators from Nord Anglia gained valuable skills and knowledge about educational technology and innovation through this experience.