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14 October, 2016

Parent Update - 14 October 2016

Parent Update - 14 October 2016
Parent Update - 14 October 2016 14 October weekly Parent Update - A review of the week and a look at what's coming up.

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

When I studied Latin and Greek at school and went on to do Greek as part of my degree at University, my Dad’s favourite phrase was “It’s all Greek to me!”

When I watched 3D’s wonderful assembly last Friday on Greek Gods and Goddesses and as I look at the marvellous Greek temples, which have been created for homework, I understand what my Dad meant!

As I have toured the school this week with a variety of visitors, it has been great to see the engagement of children in their learning and their enjoyment.

This week has also seen the arrival of 3D printers in the school. We already have a thriving ECA 3D printing club operating and I know that children and staff are looking forward to making the best use of these.

Finally, in Secondary assembly today the theme was a reflection on the half term, and the progress the students have made. Mr Cross spoke to the students about their assessments, the approach they took, and how to improve on their results next time.

I hope you and your family have a very enjoyable midterm break.

Mr Cooklin




17-21 October – Half Term, School Closed

25 October – Year 7 Science Trip

25 October – Parent Workshop: Supporting Reading 8.30am in the cafeteria

27 October – Global Games Asia Under 11 and 13 students leave for Hanoi                         (returning on 31st October)

28 October – NAIS PTA Halloween Spooktakular 5-8pm (tickets on sale)

28 October – Red Arrows Talk to Secondary students

1 November – Primary Mandarin Parents Evening

2 November – Year 8 and 9 Parents Evening

3 November – Primary Mandarin Parents Evening

3 November – Year 8 Geography Coasts Trip

4 November – Class assembly 5C



Please note that reports for all Secondary students will be sent out today. These have been published in a new format that should provide parents with more detailed information, on a more frequent basis. Please do check your child’s bag for the printed reports. An online version of the report will be available at the end of October.



The new November lunch menu has been posted onto the website and Firefly. Please remember to send in your lunch forms ASAP.



Yesterday saw Year 7 students running round Hong Kong in an ‘Amazing Race’ style scavenger hunt. Before they headed off, Mrs Reid briefed the teams on the rules of the competition, and the things they had to collect. Students were then given time to plan their route. They were encouraged to think strategically about what route would let them visit as many of the sites as possible. Before they left, Mr Bishop spoke to them about how they should behave and act responsibly around the streets and on the public transport systems of Hong Kong. We’re happy to say that they all did!

The group leaders were all teachers who had not done the hunt last year so all teams were on an equal par! The teams set off in a hurry and all took very different routes, team Hughes deciding to tackle the Peak first whilst team Blackwood were first to the Cenotaph and completed the Mr Bishop challenge!

It was an excellent day, and for those students relatively new to Hong Kong, they managed to see many of the tourist attractions in a very short amount of time. Currently the photographic evidence is being collated and the scores calculated, and we will announce the winners after half term.



It’s time for the first Global Challenge of the year and we’re buzzing with ideas and excitement about it.

As part of the Global Campus, we participate in a number of challenges throughout the year. The first one for this year is all about being curious; and no, we’re not talking about Alice in Wonderland, although she was a very curios young lady! We are however talking about being inquisitive about everything, asking questions and wanting to know more. For students, we’re looking for them to generate a list of questions that highlight what they are curious about. This will then form the basis for the rest of the challenge as it moves forward.

Students will be encouraged to submit their questions in the most creative way possible. More information to follow, but if you’re curious, to see what our teachers are curious about, please click here:

For more information on the challenge check out this link:


PARENT WORKSHOP – Supporting Reading (25 October) 8.30am in the cafeteria

A truly valuable workshop that helps parents know what they can do to help their child at home with their reading skills. Full of practical advice and helpful tips, this is a must for every parent. Led by Miss Niama Charlier.

Please email to register your interest, as this is always a very popular workshop.


HALLOWEEN PARTY – the count down begins

Two weeks today! Yes, that’s right. In 14 days time, we’ll be donning our best Halloween outfits and getting ready for a great party. We hope to see you there (not that we may be able to recognise everyone in their make up and costume). Not got your ticket yet? Book



We are getting ready for a very special visit! Yes, we’re very lucky (and excited) to announce that our Secondary students will be meeting, and hearing from, the brilliant Red Arrows team.

If you’re interested in learning more about what they do, and for more information about the team, follow @rafredarrows on Twitter, like RAF Red Arrows on Facebook or visit



You may be aware that as a school, we have GMF Basketball Academy working with Secondary pupils on Monday and Thursday evenings. However, did you know they run weekend sessions too? Every Saturday they have classes for all ages (including some slots for adults). Not only fun and great exercise, this additional training for students has a whole host of benefits.

Our teams will also participate in the Hong Kong International Schools Basketball leagues so time to up the skill level.

Contact Mr James Malone for more information:



This week is was class 4B’s turn to take the assembly today. The students took the recent Olympics in South America as the basis of their topic, focusing on what we can learn from athletes. With some great role-play, they talked about the importance of practicing, positive mental attitude, and the belief in yourself to be determined and to never give up. Thank you 4B and Mr. Chris Cottrell for organising such an informative assembly.

Check out our Facebook to see some great photos


STARS OF THE WEEK – Mandarin/Spanish

Big congratulations to the following students for being nominated by their teachers:

Year 1 Shinnice Sy, Ishayu Agarwal, Caroline Espeskog, Ritsika Chotwani, Dora Chen, Dora Sui

Year 2: Caleb Beattie,Leon Smeets, Denise Manuel, William Wang,
Roselyn Siu

Year 3: Theodore Loh, Darsh Parikh, Kara Li, Vivaan Madnani, Yuri Takaku

Year 4: Mao Tsuda,
Luke Crossland, Vielle Tsang, Dante Griffiths,
Gabrielle Cheung

Year 5: Trent Greco, Jeannie Cheung (Spanish), Krishiv Mehandiratta, Alison Woo,

Summer Marner,
Delon Chan

Year 6: Steven Gu, Carrie Stevenson, Alessandro Conzato (Spanish), Alice Stevenson, Jack Yuen

Year 7: Kyra Greco (Spanish)

Year 8: Angus McLennan (Spanish)

Year 9: Marcus Wong (Spanish)

Photos can be found at



Then School Calendar for 2017-2018 is now available on both Firefly and the website. Please take a look so you can plan well in advance for trips and holidays. Also a gentle reminder that we expect pupils to attend school unless prevented by illness. Any other time off must be authorised in advance by Mrs Harley, Assistant Principal for Years 1-4, or Mr Bisphop, Assistant Principal for Year 5-9.


The events calendar has now been upload onto Firefly and the website for your reference. Please note that certain times and dates are still pending and that the calendar is subject to change.


Quick list guide of who to email for what:

Please do not use the for any of the above queries.