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Nord Anglia
24 October, 2023

Our teachers enjoyed a highly productive experience at the Juilliard Professional Development Training.

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Our performing arts teachers enjoyed a highly productive and enriching experience at the Juilliard Regional Professional Development Training hosted by NACIS last week in Shanghai.
This event provided a valuable opportunity for collaboration with Juilliard's curriculum specialists in Drama, Dance, and Music, as well as fostering connections with educators specialising in the performing arts from Nord Anglia schools spanning China. The focus of this intensive training was centred on the mastery of the Juilliard curriculum and the exploration of optimal methods for its effective implementation within our classrooms.
Our teachers had the privilege of observing both drama and dance lessons across secondary and primary education levels, with the aim of integrating these insights into their pedagogical approaches. This immersive experience has offered a fresh perspective on leveraging the Juilliard curriculum to nurture critical IB skills, including inquiry, critical thinking, feedback, and creativity.