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Our Admissions Team is delighted to welcome your child to Nord Anglia International School New York.


We’re experts at helping your child transition and flourish. We’ll warmly welcome you into our school immediately, as you join our inviting community of many nations and cultures.

At NAISNY, our phenomenal teachers will build a rapport with your child, tailoring the right mix of challenge and support to inspire them to feel confident. They’ll unlock everything they’re capable of — and more.
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We’re thrilled to offer our personalized approach to learning to all students between the ages of 2 and 14, preparing them for entry into top high schools in the US and abroad. 

Unlike other New York private schools’ admissions, at NAISNY, we don’t require children to sit an admissions test. However, as part of our admission requirements, we’ll ask for school reports from the past year and a teacher recommendation form. 

We have rolling admissions throughout the year, so your child can join us at any time. At NAISNY, no matter where your child begins, our outstanding teachers will firm up their strengths, support their developmental areas, and boost their talents. 
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The NAISNY Admissions Team is happy to help you with any questions. Choosing the right school for your child in NYC can feel overwhelming, but we’re happy to make the process as stress-free as possible. We’ll connect you to current NAISNY families with children of similar ages, and they’ll be glad to talk to you about their experiences.

If you want to talk to a NAISNY parent about why they chose us, how they’ve settled in since joining us, or how their child has benefited from our education, get in touch. Whenever possible, we’ll accommodate language requests. Our welcoming parent community will give you excellent insights. 
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Our tuition fees reflect the premium education we provide at NAISNY, as a NYC private school with an outstanding, globally minded education. We’re the proud home of many opportunities for your child to thrive, both academically and personally.

Whether it’s our highly talented international teachers who deliver tailored support and challenge for your child’s goals; our collaborations with Juilliard, MIT, or UNICEF; or our exciting experiences beyond the classroom, we give your child the best environment to unlock their greatest talents, preparing them for their best-fit high school.
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Here’s what to do next.
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Fill out our short online inquiry form, give us a call, or send us an email. We’ll typically get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to assisting you and your family.
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Step 1
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Check out our school
Tour our school! Your child can play on our rooftop and explore stimulating ideas in our classrooms. You’ll talk to different staff members to receive first-hand information. If you’re not in NYC, we’ll arrange a Virtual Discovery Meeting with your family.
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Submit our online application form.

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“I invite your child to begin their learning journey of academic excellence at NAISNY, unlocking their full potential.”
Theresa Bastrup-Hasman
Director of Marketing and Admissions


  • When’s the deadline for enrollment at NAISNY?
    We’re proud to offer rolling admissions throughout the year, based on class availability. We’d be happy to speak with you about your individual family situation so we can recommend when enrollment would be best for your child.
  • What’s the average class size at NAISNY?
    The average class size is 10 students with a student-to-teacher ratio of only 6:1.
  • Why should my child study the English National Curriculum at NAISNY?
    At NAISNY, we’re proud to deliver a contemporary international education based on the standards of the English National Curriculum, which allows us to introduce specialized lessons from as early as two years old and encourage your child to progress through more and more specialized lessons.  

    In the UK, children begin their formal learning at age 3 or 4, whereas in the US, children typically begin formal education at age 5 or 6. Another difference is that in the British system, “Early Years” children first learn all 44 sounds before learning the names of the letters using phonics — which is the opposite of what’s typically taught in American preschool education. 

    By transitioning to the British elementary school system at NAISNY, generally known as “Primary School” in the UK, your child will engage in a broad liberal arts program that becomes more specialized as they age. While the US curriculum tends to focus on nationally defined requirements for each grade level’s proficiency, the British curriculum has a broader view that enables each child to excel through the unique ways that are best suited to their interests and talents. At NAISNY, this helps students excel through outstanding pathways, such as moving on to top high schools that lead to excellent university or career choices.

    Based on national average statistics, most children educated through the English National Curriculum tend to be a year or more ahead of their US counterparts in both math and English. Under the UK-approach, each learner does as well as they can and is challenged to progress at an advanced rate that’s over and above a group or national average.
  • What’s Nord Anglia Education?
    Nord Anglia Education (NAE) is the world’s leading premium international schools’ group with over 71,000 international students spread across 81 schools in 32 countries located in several different continents. 

    Recognizing that high quality teaching is the key to students’ success, NAE recruits outstanding teachers from around the world and offers ongoing training and development at global standards of excellence in teaching and learning. In addition, NAE hosts world-class collaborations with The Juilliard School, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and UNICEF, giving students access to enhanced studies and activities from the world's best.
  • Do you have a high school at NAISNY?
    No, our oldest students at NAISNY are in Year 9 (or 8th grade in the US system). 

    We help each graduating student continue to their top-choice high school.
  • What high schools do NAISNY graduates attend?
    Every year, NAISNY students are accepted the top high schools in NYC, throughout the US, and globally. 

    Regionally, their high school destinations include the Packer Collegiate Institute, Chapin, Regis, Léman Manhattan, and the British International School of New York. Other students continue their studies at specialized high schools such as Stuyvesant, LaGuardia, and The Brooklyn Latin School. 

    For NAISNY students who have gone to attend high school in the UK — typically referred to as “Upper Secondary School” — their acceptances have included Watford Grammar, Dulwich College, Bath, Kind Edward's School, and Prior Park.

    For our students looking to continue their Nord Anglia education for high school, we offer a VIP pathway to our sister Nord Anglia boarding schools, including Windermere Prep, North Broward Prep, The Village School, and BIS Houston. This means your child does not need to sit standardized tests and can continue their impressive, internationally minded learning path.
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Join us for a campus tour or Virtual Discovery Meeting to take the first step in your child’s exciting academic journey. We look forward to meeting you to discuss what makes NAISNY stand out, what we can offer your family, and how our admissions process works.

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