Within our stimulating, international school in greater Orlando, Florida, our students receive innovative instruction from world-class teachers. At Windermere Prep, we promote the values of unity, truth, and integrity and provide our students with many experiences to grow and reflect, so they can apply their learning to the world.
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Windermere Prep is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School with local and international students in both day and boarding. In pursuit of our crest values of Unitas, Veritas, and Virtus, the entire Laker community benefits from our innovative academic approaches and global partnerships.
Dr. Mitchell Salerno
Head of School, Windermere Preparatory School
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Windermere Prep is distinguished from other prep schools in Florida by our outstanding learning experiences. Our students become well-rounded citizens who excel in their academics and go on to top-tier colleges as leaders, thinkers, and innovators. 

Our truly transformational experiences in and beyond the classroom allow our students to develop the self-awareness to own what they’re learning, as they follow their aspirations and prepare for what’s next.

At WPS, we’ll develop all the personal, social, and emotional characteristics of your child in tandem with their academics. Our world-class teachers guide a culture around future-focused learning and build strong relationships with all students. 



At WPS, our multicultural heritage gives us more purpose in the greater Orlando community. We apply our talents, go after our goals, and take advantage of world-class opportunities.

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Academic excellence
Academics are first and foremost at Windermere Prep. Your child will always have their teachers’ support to guide them through their interests, needs, and goals. 
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Academic excellence
At Windermere Prep, your child can carve out a journey that’s as unique as they are. We embrace personalized learning so our students develop their character with their academics, become more self-aware, and own their learning. With just the right mixture of tailored support and challenge from our teachers, WPS students showcase advanced learning, especially through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program — leading them to top-tier colleges and universities.

Year after year, well-rounded WPS graduates are accepted to the US top 50 ranked colleges and universities — including most Ivy League universities — where they excel in multiple areas, including sports and the arts.

As the only school in Central Florida to offer the IB Program, we give our students the advanced curriculum and opportunities to showcase their talents, helping them stand out. Due to the IB’s rigor and global recognition, students who compete IB courses develop a profound understanding of their course material and become well prepared for university studies anywhere in the world.
Outstanding learning experiences
At Windermere Prep, we cultivate our students’ creativity and resilience through memorable experiences that truly transform their understanding of the world around them. 
Outstanding learning experiences
Your child will grow through meaningful experiences that will nourish who they are and who they want to become at WPS — whether the transformation is on an amazing trip; through a challenge or workshop with our world-class experts from MIT, Juilliard, or UNICEF; or during an extracurricular activity in athletics, the arts, or beyond.

We give our students the spark of inspiration and the know-how to discover where they’d like to deepen their interests. For instance, science students may visit and ride the famous rollercoasters of Orlando, experiencing force and momentum as they learn how to write equations. Our performing arts students, meanwhile, may run through a masterclass on stage direction with Juilliard mentors, giving them the best techniques in the industry.  

From 4th grade onwards, our students go on a range of trips that allow them to deepen their personal and social skills alongside their academic growth. WPS students have gone to St. Augustine, Florida; Kennedy Space Center; the Grand Canyon; Alaska; and Tanzania.
The world's best teachers
Our talented teachers care deeply about seeing your child reach their greatest potential. That’s why they’re invested in working closely with your child’s interests, needs, and goals to customize activities and plans.
The world's best teachers
Our talented teachers create an open and collaborative relationship with your child, allowing them to develop the initiative and self-awareness to know where they are excelling and where they need support. At WPS, the communication between student and teacher formulates the basis of an excellent relationship, as teachers guide their students in nurturing personal qualities, motivations, and interests alongside academics.

The talent and care our teachers put into their students is reflected by the fact that the majority of WPS parents believe their children receive a high-quality education from excellent teachers. 94% strongly agree their children are motivated by their teachers and have a good relationship with them. 

Our teachers allow your child to unlock their highest potential, unleashing their self-expression and nurturing their unique qualities and creativity in the journey — giving them the best chances at the highest academic outcomes. 
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The Nord Anglia Education family
By joining the Nord Anglia global network of international schools, your child has immediate connections to peers and alumni across the world. They learn immensely from their Nord Anglia family and build lasting friendships.
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The Nord Anglia Education family
The Nord Anglia Education family includes passionate students, teachers, parents, and alumni from around the world! 

At Windermere Prep, your child has unparalleled opportunities to thrive within our well-connected global community. WPS students learn traditions and cultures from around the globe that allow them to become informed global leaders of our future. Our students especially benefit from learning experiences on Global Campus, Nord Anglia’s global learning platform. Students connect, collaborate, and learn with peers across the world through exciting global projects and challenges. 

Every year, we also proudly host the annual NAE Global Games at Windermere Prep — a friendly, three-day international sports and athletics competition among students across all Nord Anglia schools in the Americas. Through athletic challenges, team-building activities, and trips to local theme parks and interactive entertainment venues, they create lifelong memories with over one thousand international students.
Our social purpose
WPS students have many opportunities to get involved in the communities around them. They can join groups and activities that help others, mobilize around causes and concerns they’re passionate about, or take the lead in a social entrepreneurship project, the Student Government, or Model UN.
Our social purpose
Our students discover their social purpose — or how they wish to help others — through different activities, clubs, and initiatives at Windermere Prep. Our vibrant school community tackles many social topics and concerns, and we support our students with integrated studies in our advanced curriculum. One of our special curriculum offerings is intersectional gender studies, for example. Students explore the different components of identity within a complex understanding of our society.

Beginning in Middle School, we host drives, events, and programs centered on serving the greater good. We focus on the “4 C’s” (collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking) in all our actions. Students can get involved in service and fundraising opportunities through the National Junior Honor Society (Middle School), continued in the National Honor Society (High School), as well as through student-led nonprofits like “Play for Keeps,” “Lend a Paw”, and WPS PERIOD.
An advanced learning environment
Our stimulating learning environment at WPS features beautiful green space and fresh lake water. Surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities, townhouses for boarding students, and advanced technologies, every day at WPS is a meaningful one.
An advanced learning environment
At Windermere Prep, we know students flourish when they’re cared for, challenged, and safe. That’s why our campus is equipped with state-of-the-art security, hospitable townhouses for boarding students, and outstanding athletics facilities. 

We’re proud to be home to The Cypress Center for the Arts, a professional-grade 535-seat facility that allows our students to inspire, imagine, and create across drama, voice, dance, and the visual arts. With an advanced technology system integrated to the center, we host outstanding performances on campus every season.

Our staff are committed to sustaining an environment that encourages questions, rewards curiosity, and promotes the free exchange of ideas. Our students learn to innovate with technology by using 3D printers, robotics and coding equipment, innovation labs, iPads, SMART boards, and more.

Throughout all learning spaces, our staff prioritize student wellness. In tandem with their academics, they encourage social skills and personal characteristics, while teaching mindfulness and awareness around healthy lifestyles.



Windermere Prep is an unrivaled private boarding school in Central Florida’s greater Orlando area. Our boarding program creates the perfect home away from home, as students live in comfortable townhouses without missing a beat in the social activities of campus life. Our friendly staff ensure a welcoming and safe environment with top care.


We offer a highly personalized admissions process and are here to help you every step of the way.
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Windermere Prep students follow their aspirations and create the future they desire. Every year, they go on to achieve outstanding exam results, leading to acceptances from the best US colleges and universities.