Among our youngest to our eldest students, learning at North Broward Prep School is all about making what we don’t understand possible, as we push beyond the limits of our minds.  We do this using “visible thinking” techniques, allowing us to map out and grasp complex information in structured ways. We’re also boosted by our collaborations with MIT, Juilliard, Apple, UNICEF, and Nord Anglia Education, as we use our hands and apply what we explore to make a meaningful impact.
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North Broward Prep students develop the resilience to tackle any challenge with the tailored support of our teachers, who weave dedicated strategies and techniques into their lessons and interactions.
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Outstanding learning experiences
Going beyond class time to explore an interest, volunteer in a community, develop a talent, get boosted support, or target one’s personal goals are common at North Broward Prep because our students love to connect what they’re doing in the classroom with the world around them. 
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Outstanding learning experiences
In all areas of their learning, our students develop curiosity by experimenting with new ideas, responding to innovative questions, and creating meaningful outcomes by solving innovative problems. 

Through transformational experiences and activities with world-leading organizations like The Juilliard School, UNICEF, and MIT, we put our students at the forefront of education at North Broward Prep, giving them the best guidance and tools to perform at their premium. Our collaboration with MIT, for example, involves several guided challenges designed by world-leading STEAM experts — putting “design thinking” at the heart of our approach and inspiring creativity and curiosity in our students. 

In this way, the magic of learning happens beyond North Broward Prep. It could be during a wildlife adventure exploring oceanic and subtropical ecosystems in middle school or performing on the main stage of the International Thespian Festival. in high school. We connect a student’s interests with the exciting world of what’s happening beyond, motivating their unique paths.
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The world's best teachers
Our highly qualified teachers develop a strong relationship with your child, giving the tailored support and challenge needed to realize their goals, explore their interests, and respond to their needs. This crucial relationship ensures your child’s happiness and builds the foundation of their success.
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The world's best teachers
Our students learn best when they're happy, and our teachers are at the heart of ensuring this is a reality. We’re proud that 96% of our parents say their child is happy at school, and 90% say their child has a strong connection with at least one faculty member.

Our teachers are passionate about their practices: they continually work at the cutting-edge of education with global best practices, as we effectively develop, mentor, and inspire teachers at all stages in their careers, so they can customize and implement the best curriculum for all students. This includes subject-specific training with the world-class collaborators of MIT and Juilliard and technology training as an Apple Distinguished School. Furthermore, using Nord Anglia University’s educational experts and resources, our teachers can support and mentor their colleagues, join online training, share new resources, and learn from each other.

In this way, we cultivate a culture of teacher collaboration and mentorship. Every year, our teachers are setting goals in alignment with our global academic strategic plan to ensure the absolute highest quality of instruction.
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Academic excellence
At North Broward Prep, we use data and analytics to guide each student’s learning journey—developing custom plans that best assess each step for a given student’s needs, goals, and interests.
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Academic excellence
Our teachers customize their instruction, activities, projects, and lessons to each child’s strengths and opportunities for growth, delivering strategic plans for a student’s personal next step.

With this level of attentive care and planning, our students deliver the results that lead them to the best colleges and universities in the world — the 250 seniors in the class of 2022 received 86 acceptances to the top 50 US News & World Report ranked universities, including Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Chicago. We also have College Advisors on hand to help our students be considered for merit-based scholarships and present themselves as leaders and change agents. Thanks to our advisors’ guidance, our students have achieved a new record of over $24 million in scholarships.

Additionally, as part of our academic excellence, North Broward Prep's world-leading approach in the fine and performing arts sets our students up for successful creative careers. Students in the arts at Harvard, Columbia, New England Conservatory, Rhode Island School of Design, Emerson College, SCAD, NYU-TISH and other top colleges have all started their creative journey at North Broward Prep.
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Our social purpose
At NBPS, we strive to inspire every child to learn without limits and go beyond any border to make an impact in the world. This proactive approach helps them discover their social purpose, or how they’re going to contribute to improving the lives around them.
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Our social purpose
Encouraging good citizenship starts by ensuring our students' voices are heard and that they have platforms to deliver positive change. Safe Promise Club is one prominent student organization that embodies this, with over 150 members, founded by student leaders who wanted to ensure the entire school community feels welcomed, with a voice that’s heard, and part of our social fabric. The leaders of our Student Government also ensure everyone feels equipped to call for change.

Through the NAE Student Advisory Board, elected student leaders from North Broward Prep and others across the globe discuss and decide how to fund and deliver incredible social impact projects globally and in local communities. Each year, up to $500,000 is awarded to change-making student projects. This further motivates our International Baccalaureate (IB) students, who undertake their own CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) projects to engage with their communities in response to authentic needs or pressing issues.

Our Model United Nations team also creates a platform for our students to become globally conscious leaders, as they expose and challenge social issues and develop progressive solutions. We encourage all our students to engage with and influence leaders locally and globally to affect the changes they want to see. Each year, some of our outstanding students join workshops and speaking opportunities at the High-level Political Forum at United Nations in New York City.
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The Nord Anglia Education family
We’re all one family at North Broward Prep — so when you join us, you become part of a lively social community of classmates, teachers, parents, and alumni who get to know each other. You also join the Nord Anglia network of international schools with students and alumni from one part of the globe to another.
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The Nord Anglia Education family
North Broward Prep has a strong bond with its alumni. We cultivate a professional network and organize events for alumni to give back, mentor, and share their insights, advice, or career development opportunities with current students. With over 200 members in this network, we have many effective resources for current students to gain knowledge in specific careers.

Our current students stay connected through our Student Government, which gives student representatives the agency to expose their ideas and share what they would like to do or see happen at North Broward Prep. Student leaders also help plan and organize fun annual, community-building events, like tailgating, competitions, and School Spirit Week, among others.

As part of the Nord Anglia international learning community, students also connect with peers across the globe and participate in large-scale challenges of Global Campus (Nord Anglia’s virtual platform), Nord Anglia Performing Arts Festival, and Global Games (Nord Anglia’s international sports competition). Participating in these exciting activities and events allow NBPS students to bond with peers and develop lasting international friendships.
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An advanced learning environment
Our beautiful 80-acre, palm-fringed campus has state-of-the-art libraries, outdoor learning and green spaces, athletics facilities, fine and performing arts facilities, and more! We also have an impressively robust technical infrastructure, allowing varied first-rate technologies to be seamlessly integrated throughout our learning experiences.
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An advanced learning environment
Our campus is distinguished by its numerous outdoor experiential learning spaces, imaginative outdoor play spaces for Lower School students, and robust athletics facilities for Upper School students — as well as our spacious arts studios and state-of-the-art STEAM maker spaces.

A centerpiece of North Broward Prep’s learning environment is our Learning Commons, a research library and study space designed to support students’ curiosity and collaborative working. As a flexible learning environment, students can choose from shared space, individual quiet spaces, and small group study rooms. The library hosts over 20,000 books and over 100,000 eBooks across various platforms to enhance research and reading experiences.

Our residential facility — known as the International Village at NBPS — is also a prominent feature of our campus, as residential students have convenient access to school facilities and activities in a modern, nurturing living space. Their common areas include a kitchenette, vending machines, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, and study areas. The International Village is equipped with security officers on site and a state-of-the-art security system.
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Our school is an international community of globally minded individuals, who experience an unparalleled and innovative atmosphere geared towards discovering true passions and creating success now and in the future.”
Bruce Fawcett
Head of School, North Broward Preparatory School


North Broward Prep students lead the way in scores and top university acceptances, carving out the steps towards brightly shining futures.

With a 100% IB Diploma program passing rate, and 60% AP passing rate, our students are accepted to the top 50 US News & World Report colleges and universities each year.

Our graduates go on to thrive at top-choice colleges and universities: Princeton, Harvard University, Washington University at St. Louis, University of Florida, Notre Dame, Duke University, Columbia University, Brown University, Cornell University, UCLA, Stanford University, MIT, and Florida State University.
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North Broward Preparatory School is an unrivaled co-ed private boarding school in Florida. Our boarding program creates the perfect home away from home for our middle school and high school students, from grades 6 through 12. Boarding students live right on campus in our bright, sleek, and modern International Village — a welcoming and safe environment with top-quality care from our friendly staff.


We offer a highly personalized admissions process and are here to help you every step of the way.
  • Contact us today to start your child's journey at NBPS
  • Schedule a tour with us or a virtual meeting
  • Schedule an Eagle Visit
  • Submit an application and supporting documents
  • Scholarships and financial aid available
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Every year, our students achieve top exam results and attend the world's top universities. That’s thanks to their dedicated efforts and the world-class lessons of our North Broward Prep teachers, who ensure every child can realize their full potential and achieve more than they ever imagined possible.