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Raising your child's academic achievement is our #1 priority at The Village School. To help our students stay motivated and give their absolute best, our world-class teachers provide exceptional learning experiences. Our international community is welcoming and allows each child to flourish.
Bill Delbrugge
Head of School
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Through tangible, eye-opening experiences, our teachers deepen your child’s understanding of their community and the world, as they consider how to contribute to the lives around them.



Your child will receive individualized attention from our world-class teachers and stay motivated to give their absolute best and reach ambitious goals.


Our teachers guide each student to apply their lessons beyond the classroom through activities with our one-of-a-kind collaborators, internships, and entrepreneurship opportunities. 




At Village, academic expectations are high, and success is achieved through a genuine curiosity and love for learning.


Our students are change-makers who have the skills and knowledge they need to rise to tomorrow’s challenges, no matter what.

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Academic excellence
Our students gain acceptance to the world's most prestigious universities and earn outstanding scholarships—setting them up for amazing collegiate and professional careers. Our teachers and staff work closely and strategically with every student to achieve more than they ever imagined possible.
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Academic excellence
Our students’ results back up Village’s academic success. 

Our Class of 2022 seniors were accepted into 35 of the US top 50 colleges and 12 international universities. They also received over $18.6 million in scholarships, setting them up for incredible careers. Village students who pursued the IB Diploma had an outstanding pass rate of 100% (versus the global average of 79%) and four Village seniors had perfect or near-perfect scores. Our students’ prestigious university acceptances have included Harvard, Brown, Stanford, and UC Berkeley, among others.

From our youngest Early Childhood learners to graduating seniors, our teachers build strong foundations. Our students develop resilience as they become independent thinkers and learn how to achieve their best. With small class sizes, our world-class teachers give your child the personalized attention they need to flourish in and beyond the classroom.

This means they form a relationship built upon seeing your child realize their talents. We prepare students for college early in their education—as soon as 8th grade—where they have regular one-on-one meetings with our College Counsellors. 
Outstanding Learning Experiences card
Outstanding learning experiences
Our students connect their studies to a larger understanding on how to improve their community and the world, preparing them for any path they choose. We emphasize the importance of gaining applied experience in the real world and regularly engage in collaborations, internships, and entrepreneurship opportunities.
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Outstanding learning experiences
We provide students with real-world experience and prepare them for an ever-changing, global economy. As an important component of all experiences at Village, our classroom academics are complemented by a variety of clubs, trips, and events to inspire your child’s learning. 

Village teachers create opportunities to take your child’s learning beyond the classroom and into our local, national, and global communities. Our close link with the Space Center Houston, for example, gives Village students of all ages a first-hand look at the cutting-edge science involved in sending humans to space.

Our STEAM-focused, annual Innovation Day event is another exciting way for students to showcase their work in front of a global audience of industry influencers and Village families. 
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Viking Athletics
At Village, our student athletes learn the value of hard work, good sportsmanship and leadership in a variety of sports including football, basketball, soccer and swimming. Village's boys and girls teams have won numerous state titles, and many go on to play sports at the collegiate level.
World-class teachers
Our teachers are diverse and come equipped with a wealth of experience, both nationally and internationally. They are exceptional at motivating and ensuring your child’s success in and out of the classroom. 
World-class teachers
More than 90% of Village parents agree their child has a good relationship with their teachers, stating their child is happy at school.

Our teaching team has a wealth of experience nationally and internationally. Many have advanced degrees and come from diverse backgrounds—creating special relationships with our international student body and caring deeply about witnessing their success. 

Through a rigorous process, we recruit only the world's best teachers and provide them with training from Nord Anglia Education’s platform of global best practices. Our highly qualified teachers use this platform of world-class resources to boost your child’s learning, helping them achieve their goals.
An advanced learning environment
Village classrooms, boarding accommodations, and state-of-the-art athletics facilities, provide your child the optimal surroundings and resources to inspire their pathway to success. Our safe campus encompasses Early Childhood as well as Elementary, Middle, and High School as one Viking family.
An advanced learning environment
Our students connect with the world—whether on campus, on the sports field, or on the other side of the world. Each area of The Village School has been thoughtfully designed to maximize learning experiences in safe, age-appropriate spaces, and we’re always equipped with our state-of-the-art security system with both local police officers and security guards on site.   

Our boarding accommodations with modern dormitories create a “home away from home” as a comfortable and nurturing living space. Our state-of-the-art athletics facilities encourage our students’ wellness as well as healthy competition at impressive collegiate-level standards. 

Additionally, we have multiple spaces to facilitate student wellness: students can study, relax, or socialize in our Zen Garden, outdoor patio (with a life-size chess board), and take advantage of our Campus Store and fully functioning greenhouse.
Our Social Purpose
Our social purpose
We help your child gain a larger sense of what they can do in the world, motivating their future career. Through a variety of initiatives in the community where they can help, they discover their social purpose as they give generously of themselves.
Our social purpose
Whether it’s taking a leadership role in one of our many clubs, fundraising through our partnership with Giving Tuesday, or speaking as a leader at Model United Nations events, our students become change-makers who address local and global challenges of the 21st century.

Almost 90% of Village parents agree with the fact that we increase our students’ global consciousness. Our vibrant annual March of Nations event, for example, is a memorable opportunity to celebrate our school's diversity on United Nations Day. We also host an annual International Food Festival to embrace each other’s culinary cultures.
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The Nord Anglia Education family
Being a Village Viking doesn’t mean our students only stay connected to their locale in Houston—as part of Nord Anglia’s international family, it means our students can immediately connect with thousands of peers and Nord Anglia alumni around the world! 
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The Nord Anglia Education family
Being part of the Nord Anglia international family allows our students to have an immediate network of both peers and alumni all over the globe with whom they can connect.

Because of these opportunities, our students belong to a unique family of international learners, and many develop lifelong friendships. Through the Nord Anglia Education (NAE) Global Campus, they learn from each other during exclusive NAE projects and challenges that expand their worldviews. Our students take part in competitions and collaborations including the Winter Fine Arts Festival, Juilliard's Summer Vocal Program, and the sports events of Global Games. 


As a Residential Life student at The Village School, your child will receive the best care, resources, and services in our international learning environment.

We offer 7-day boarding for full-time, on-campus students and 5-day boarding for students with family in the area. The Village dormitory has 24/7 security with surveillance and gated entry.


We offer a highly personalized admissions process and are here to provide concierge-level service every step of the way.
  • Contact us today to start your child's Village journey
  • Join us for a campus tour 
  • Fill out our application form
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Thanks to our rigorous academics balanced with exceptional learning experiences beyond the classroom, every year, our graduates go on to attend the best colleges in the US and universities around the world.