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News image Primary Student Progress - Primary Student Progress News | Featured | Primary | Student Work and Success
Primary Student Progress

Writing is a critical part of the Primary curriculum at NAIS Pudong; it helps children to become better communicators and to express their thoughts and ideas in a clear and structured way. At the end of last term, we held a student showcase to demonstrate the outstanding progress our students make across the course of a single academic year. Parents were invited into the school to help them understand more about how their children learn and were given presentations by the students in various formats.

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News image Student Showcase Spectacular! - student showcase News | Featured | Educational Insights | School Activities | School News | Student Work and Success
Student Showcase Spectacular!
As we gradually return to normality following COVID, it was wonderful to be able to open the campus to a wide range of parents as part of our Learning Showcase. The school was buzzing with activity as our whole community came together to acknowledge our students’ successes and achievements from across the year.
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News image NAIS Pudong Students part of MIT Hack-the-Tube Challenge News | Featured | MIT | School News | Secondary | Student Work and Success
Broadening Your Child's Horizons: MIT
Through our collaboration with MIT, our STEAM programme helps students develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by tackling interdisciplinary challenges around issues facing the world today. In a remarkable achievement, two exceptional students from our school, have triumphed in the MIT Hack-the-Tube challenge.
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