Week 6 | Message from Primary-Week 6 Message from Primary-Keenan Tamara Staff
Tamara Keenan
16 October, 2020

Week 6 | Message from Primary

Week 6 | Message from Primary-Week 6 Message from Primary-Hero
Week 6 | Message from Primary

Coming back after Golden week, it was lovely to see our students rested and refreshed.

It has been a busy start to Term 1b; we started the week by paying homage to World Mental Health Day on Monday even though the original date was the Saturday before. Students across the primary school participated in discussions and activities on the topic on how important it is that we all look after our mental health and well-being by ensuring to take time out for ourselves and check in on how we feel. This better equips us to deal with a variety of situations that we may face in our everyday lives. It was great to see most of our parents attend our first Virtual Academic Review Evenings of the year on Tuesday and Thursday as we work in partnership even with all the restrictions we are currently facing. Finally, we finished this week off with assemblies on World Food Day and how we can play our part in being responsible and reduce food waste.